ABC Responds to Sheena Upton Scandal, Withholds Payment to Botox Mom

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We have an update on the continually changing, troubling story of Sheen Upton, the woman known as "Botox Mom" for having either injected her daughter with the wrinkle remover, or lied about the incident in exchange for cash.

First, it's been revealed that Upton spent a total of two weeks in jail for providing false information to police during a traffic stop; and for driving with a suspended license. These violations occurred in 2003 and 2005, respectively.

Now, ABC has responded to the fact that it may have been duped by Upton and a freelance photographer that supplied it with the picture above, which supposedly depicted Sheen injecting her eight-year old, Britney.

Good Morning America clearly didn't do enough research into this report when it interviewed Upton earlier this month.

But it did have a deal in place - for $10,000 - with a British journalist for images of Upton and her daughter. The deal was continent on the pictures actually illustrating a Botox injection, however.

"We had agreed to pay a $10,000 licensing fee to a U.K. freelancer for the pictures, but obviously in light of everything that's happened, zero money has been sent that way," ABC spokesman Jeffrey Schneider told The Hollywood Reporter today. "We have a contract with the freelancer, which obviously stipulates that the images depict what they purport to show, that there's no staging in any way. So with all these open questions, we're going to hold [the money] back."


Ridiculous! I feel sorry for the young child for having a mother like her. What a lame excuse of a woman and mother.


How heartbreaking to first learn about this so called Mother. As parents, we are suppose to guide, nuture and love, not abuse. That's exactly what this Mother has done; abuse her child. How sad. :(


i don't believe in botox or plastic surgey i think she needs to go to jail for this i can't believe she is doing this to her daughter that is


Child abuse! This is horrible and heart breaking, how could some one do that to their kid?


Child abuse!


This horrible story with all its layers of dishonesty - who knows what all the parties agreed to do, for what gains - is about child abuse, and morally decaying society. The fact that the first post by Kelly, was a shameless pitch for Botox alternatives or whatever else she "recommends" further establishes evidence of the pervasive idiocy, insensitivity, and vapid craven commercialism that we all now have to endure. Very thoughtful post, Kelly.


Either way, botox or not, what a horrific, pathetic excuse for a mother.


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