Water for Elephants Movie Reviews: Not Positive

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Does Robert Pattinson have another hit on his hands with Water for Elephants?

Perhaps at the box office, but not according to a majority of movie critics around the country. Take a look at various excerpts from a sampling of publications that aren't exactly in love with the Twilight star's new film, which opens on April 22...

With Fake Bella

Even nonreaders of the book can figure out what happens next. It's all in the telling. Sara Gruen provided grit and pungent detail. The movie settles for gloss. - Rolling Stone

The script by Richard LaGravenese, who is well-versed in adapting popular fiction such as Bridges of Madison County, lacks the sparkle of his best work. - USA Today

The love triangle takes a familiar shape and the dialogue tends toward the banal. Rarely has running away to join the circus looked so dull. - Boxoffice Magazine

The problem isn't just miscasting or the cheesiness of the material. It's Pattinson's increasingly predictable, dour persona. - Salon dot com

Short-circuits the novel's quirky charms and period atmosphere by its squeamish attitude toward gritty circus life and smothers the drama under James Newton Howard's insufferable wall-to-wall musical soup. - The New York Times

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I've liked everything robert pattinson has done.It sure isn't his acting .He's a natural and has what it takes for acting.


I am one of those "older" hormonal women who are attracted to Robert Pattison. He should play James Dean in a movie. I've seen other movies he has made and they don't have the same chemistry as the "Twilight Saga." "Edward & Bella" have so much chemistry together just like in real life. These other movies I've seen arn't as good as "Twiight," but not because of his acting. To me he is awesome!!


The only thing I will agree on is the fact that Reese should not have been cast as Marlena.
And for those people who think that Robert was playing Edward Cullen, I suggest you go rewatch Twilight.
I have seen alot of novel adaptations and WFE stayed pretty true to the book.
The movie critics are going to have to get used to Robert cos he's here to stay- and look at like this Mr. Movie Critic:
As long as Roberts making movies YOU have job security-even if you dont know what youre talking about. and another thing i have to get off of my chest- most movies that critics like REALLY SUCK.


Hey Ann, the correct way to express your point is "America HAS truly become illiterate," not "IS become illiterate." Learn how to write yourself, then move on to criticizing others.


The critics with PAYOLA, eh? Who says that their views are better than yours? Did anybody listen to them about Twilight?


Forget the review of the movie - most of the authors above need to go back to grammar school and learn to write a sentence! America is truly become illiterate.


I find critics a waste of time. People should just go to movies they like the look of and judge for themselves. Each one of us are different or the world would be a boring place to live.Also critics tend to think their opinion is better than the average person. So NOT true!


I read a few that was positive so what does that mean? those critics were watching a different film. What do people care what these people think. The average person has nothing in common with these critics. That's why I don't see the purpose of film critics. Like Soap Operas I hope they also disappear. It's the best thing that could happen to moviegoers. Imagine going to see a film that hasn't be rehashed & disected to you a million times by a bunch of parasitic blowhards.


8 out of 10 times the critics dont like the films

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