Water for Elephants Movie Reviews: Not Positive

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Does Robert Pattinson have another hit on his hands with Water for Elephants?

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    Robbert Pattinson!! Papiiitooo te ammooo....


    REALLY enjoyed this movie!! I loved the book, and the movie stayed pretty close to the book.
    I had only seen Robert Pattison in Twilight, I was impressed with his acting in this movie. I thought Reese was wonderful as Marlena. The movie also did an excellent job with a "period" piece, to give us a glimpse of life in the 30's and how tough times were. Going to the circus was the most thrilling experience for families and children. The movie covers all the human experiences of love and loss, and difficult situations; ;and much more. If you like drama and a good story, and a bit of romance, and love animals....be sure to go and see this movie. My husband liked the movie as well.


    Water for Elephants' both book and movie are great!!! The film critics gave it a (B-). How is that not good? Robert Pattinson is a good actor and this is a very refreshing movie...


    The acting was great,,the movie is great,,love the whole package,,go see it,,


    I thought the movie was great! Rob and Reese both were awesome. What do the critics know anyway... My most favorite movies are not favorites of the critics. We are all different and we all like different styles of acting. In my book "ROBERT" is awesome in whatever he does... I hope to see more of him on the big screen.....


    I'm sorry, but did I read this disgusting review correctly? Did you say James Newton Howard's music is insufferable? Please go to to the top of a really tall building, and throw yourself off.


    I don't know what critics are looking for in a movie, but I loved the movie for being a very good romantic drama. It gave me the same good feelings that The Notebook did a few years back. I had not read either of these books before seeing the movies, so I went in with no preconceived notions of how the movies should be.


    If anyone needs proof that Robert can act should watch Little Ashes, and watch the whole movie, not just the little bits being posted on different sites. It's not for the homophobic, but you get a completely different feel for what he's capable of.


    I just saw the movie and thought it followed the book perfectly. Robert Pattinson played the part of jacob just like the book also. Christoph Waltz was wonderful as always. They should have used another actress younger for the part of Marlena. All in all the movie was a great departure from alot of the movies that are out today. And Robert pattinson is easy on the eyes, so screw the critics, I enjoyed it!


    I've liked everything robert pattinson has done.It sure isn't his acting .He's a natural and has what it takes for acting.

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