Walk Much Lady? Gaga Falls HARD on Stage (Again)

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For the second time this month, Lady Gaga took a fall in concert in Atlanta last night. And, in vintage Gaga fashion, got up and carried on, unfazed.

The pop star fell off of a fire-spewing piano during a concert in Houston April 10, and has taken numerous other spills and tumbles over the years.

As Weird Al's Lady Gaga parody told us, she performs this way ...

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You all should read what you write one time just real quick before you press send or share or whatever... so funny though.


HAHAHA Gaga falling not once but twice. Also with the Born this way Music video. EPIC FAILURE hahaha


she falling...yes........but she still great and best singer of ever..........and she don't stoped to singing.....:D :D: :D : rock on Gaga


And yes, I would rather smoke than drink any day!!


Agree, weed is a drug but you WILL NOT GET FUCKED UP ON IT like Heroin, coke, crank, E or any other harsh drug. You ever see a person freak out on weed?? Maye a munchie freak out but nothing more!! I hate how the government puts ALL drugs in the same catagory when they are clearly not all the same!! Just saying!


who's the greatest pop performer you think? madonna? beyonce? riri? brit? katy? THEY ALL ever fell on stage. It's a common thing, you know! people just talk shit about this "hard fall" because they envy gaga, and wait moment to crawl Gaga with their fucking-stupid words. Go fuck with your grannies, idiots!


Not to further piss anyone off, but aren't you guys wasting your time bickering about wheter or not weed classifies as drugs, when Gaga herself has openly admitted to occasionally using cocaine, and that harder drugs than that were her inspiration to make her music in the past. Gaga is no saint, nor is she (in my opinion) a genius, but she's a good singer and she really works her @ss off. The stumble was probably just because of the insane shoes she wears.


its cuz she wears super hard to walk balance shoes.


Please learn the English language completely before attempting to insult me. Anyway what I meant was she isn't strung out on heroin, or coked up or smoking crack. You know, drugs that actually fuck people up and destroy lives. Weed is a plant, grown naturally, that is used medicinally and spiritually and is no worse if not better for you than liquor. You would agree if you didn't buy into everything the media feeds you.


@kait weed is drugs.you have wrote the most dumbest thing in history of writting dunb things.You should get your facts right.Thats something expected to be written by a 5 year old and i am sure you are not 5.