Vienna Girardi and Kasey Kahl Form the Douchiest Couple Ever

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Vienna Girardi and Kasey Kahl from The Bachelor and Bachelorette are now an item, forming a veritable douchepocalypse of reality TV star annoyance.

The ex-fiancee of Jake Pavelka had reservations about getting close to anyone after being engaged to that stiff for a few weeks. But she's made it work.

"Even opening up to Kasey, like, we were dating for a few months, but I didn't want to go public because I wanted to make sure it was real," she said.

Douchiest Couple Ever

We're finding it hard to guard and protect the contents of our stomachs when we see these two Bachelor franchise castoffs getting lovey dovey with each other.

Vienna says she is "absolutely scared of the possibility of getting engaged again," but luckily, Kasey Kahl is putting her at ease all day every day.

Kasey, who fought for Ali's heart on The Bachelorette, is genuinely a nice, caring, loving person, even when cameras are off," Vienna Girardi says.

"That's what makes all the difference."

"When we're at home eating dinner or watching a movie, he's that sweet charming guy that he is when we're out in public. I want someone who is going to love me unconditionally, all day every day – not just when other people are seeing it."

That hurts, Jake. But Kahl was equally hesitant about dating her, too.

"I told myself I'd never date someone from the Bachelor franchise, but I met her, and everything went out the window," he says. "She's amazing."

"No matter what we've gone through, and no matter what she's gone through, I'm here now, and I will make sure she's the happiest girl ever."


well i know kasey personally and i know 100% that he beat his ex girlfriend and has cheated on every girl he has ever been with. He has never guarded and protected anyone. He screws over anyone he can to get what he wants thats why he has no friends. His former biz partner ryan left guard and protect hearts inc which is the non profit kasey tried to start but everyone knew who he really is so noone supported him and ryan is the one that organized every event and all the details of the organization while kasey took what credit he could then stabbed him in the back by not compensating him for his time. the list goes on and one and i do know ryan contacted vienna about how kasey cheated on her at ryans bday in march with a local newscaster. dont worry all details will be revealed soon enough. The list goes on and on.


I knew she was a phony way back in the bachelor... i couldnt believe it when Jake picked her! it was like OMG R U BLIND!!! Vienna srsly has some morality issues, hurting ppl left and right to get what she wants :/


So poor baby Vienna Sausage is soooo scared of Jake...She should be scared of herself and that idiot she is with...the only thing he guards and protects is himself. How anyone can stand listening to that voice day in and day out must go nuts, he soulds like some little furry creature caught in a trap. I hope Jake wins and shoves it in your faces.


What a bunch of pathetic losers. Everything they say they don't like, they actually do it. It's nauseating to watch them.


Vienna is a fake!! She is so full of it....Jake was her victim not the other way around. Such a drama queen!!


leave her alone...pavelka is the pig!


Why are you haterz ragging on Vienna? She's pretty cool and she's real. You girls need to upgrade your PMS packages because your jealousy is raging out of control!


Vienna is all about money and fame! She is NOT looking for love. These so-called relationships are giving her publicity to further her 15 minutes of fame. She has an agent and it trying to bank off of whatever time she has left in the spotlight. She is a fake and phony! What is she building a career on because its not TALENT?


"She wanted to make sure it was real" hahaha! What a JOKE! She thinks all her relationships are "Real" until they find her out, she starts the whining, THEN crucifies them while the "Real Thing" takes off running!
Vienna is a SLUT~ and happy for JAKE that he learned his lesson with her early on...... as she continued to interrupt him as he was explaining she was not one to be trusted! Who would sleep with that trailer trash anyway if u have ANY CLASS at all.. as JAKE DID! Crybaby Vienna coz JAKE wouldnt pay attention to her whiny, slutty ass! Jake is a real man~ Vienna... SLUT/WHORE!


LOL love the tittle!! Right on!

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