Uprising: James Durbin Muses on American Idol

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Last night on American Idol, James Durbin covered Muse, conjuring up images of Adam Lambert a few seasons ago. Durbin's song choice: "Uprising."

"I haven't gotten to show that I can be contemporary," he said, hoping to escape the metal/hard rock label. Suffice it to say, it worked and then some.

He's sounded better in the past. But he probably hasn't looked better.

The drums, the spinning cameras, the flashing lights and, of course, James' natural feel for performing sent the crowd and judges into hysterics.

After praising his cover of the Matthew Bellamy-led band, Steven made a crack about Durbin's wardrobe, telling James to stay out of his closet.

You are probably looking at the man to beat on American Idol ...

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JB CAN sing but Uprising was Painful to hear. I liked the low tones but the high motes were TOO much. Like , it didn't BELONG to the song. He can sing but he is not my fav. Something about him that is not attracting me. LOve Casey, Haly and Lauren.


Last night was the first performance by James that was really noteworthy. Yes, he can sing. We Adam fans ought not to compare him in any way to our Glamtastic one, but I can see similarities. Adam always seemed to know where he was going with his style and vision and James also has chutzpah to follow his dreams. I got goosebumps from his performance last night..how can anyone say that James can't sing? Yes, he can! Atta boy, James.


I agree with Slinky, Bay, and Judy. Finally, some sane people that aren't tone deaf. James Durbin hasn't had one singing performance worth talking about. People should sit with their backs towards the TV and just listen to Durbin and maybe they wouldn't let all the hype around him persuade them that he can sing.


love him too now! james haley lauren & scotty have decent careers ahead of them!


James Durbin, THE BEST OF THE NIGHT !!!! SLINKY ,clean your ears out ! He will be a superstar. I love him and I hope he wins.


I agree with Slinky.
To me Durbin is still an Adam wannabe. He simply does not have the charisma, vocal training and stage presence to take on a Muse song. He does screech....he can't hit the high notes and it seems he is trying to go for the spectacle performances as Adam did but it just does not work for Durbin.
Go back to Adam's Idol performances on youtube and compare to Durbin.


I agree with Slinky. Also, could he be more unoriginal? I don't think so.


James Durbin was a joke last night. His performance was desperate, pitchy, and screechy. He cannot carry a tune from start to finish to save your life. Can you imagine going to see him in concert? Ouch!

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