Tracy Morgan on Charlie Sheen: Unfunny A-Hole!

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Tracy Morgan knows funny. Seriously, go check out a few Tracy Jordan quotes from 30 Rock.

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    Isn't Tracy Morgan the guy who loves to brag that he likes to fxxk women in the ass? Yeah, that's a great example for your children. As for Charlie Sheen, also an asshole. Hey wait, that should appeal to you Tracy!


    I think Tracy Morgan is the A--hole!! I have not laughed watching SNL since John Balushi was on the show... SNL should have been canceled 20 years ago... I try every so often to watch SNL and everytime not even a chuckle anymore... SNL is Duh Stupid!! Cancel that damn show NBC... Its the fricken 21 century got anything knew 2 watch...


    Wow neither guy is funny without the writers and tracys voice is nails on a chalkboard. There are at least a thousand more worthwhile things to discuss.


    I wish this person would just disappear. Or alternatively, start working again and procude something worth watching. All in all, I feel sorry for the guy, because one of these days he WILL realise what he did to his family and boy when that day comes, will it break his heart.


    I don't understand how people find Tracy Morgan even close to funny? And why do so many white people kiss his ass and make him think that he is funny?

    I saw him on the Daily Show the other night and his jokes were like 12 year old middle schooler jokes yet John Stewart constantly egged him on with his fake laughter.

    PS - I'm not defending Charlie Sheen (because he is a loser) but I just don't get white America's fascination with the extremely overrated Tracy Morgan.


    Wow Charlie Sheen looks about 60 in that photo!


    People either love Charlie Sheen or can't stand him. Tracy Morgan can't stand him. So Tracy, just drop it.


    One thing to say to Dear Tracy Morgan : pot calling the kettle black.


    I absolutly totally AGREE with Tracy Morgan! Charlie Sheen has deffently well to say the least LOST HIS MIND COMPLETLY! And again the WORST PART is those poor innocent girls having to see and hear and live what there father is/has made fore them! ITS BULLSHIT! HELLO CHARLIE SHEEN?? WAKE THE F*CK UP AND GET SOBER & AND THEN MAYBE YOU WILL POSSIBLY B READY TO TRY TO B A GOOD LOVING CARING FATHER!

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