Tom Lippolis: JWoww Freaking Stabbed Me!

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Tom Lippolis is not backing off his claims that ex-girlfriend Jenni Farley (commonly known as JWoww) came at him with a kitchen knife and sliced him up HARD.

“I thought she was going to kill me,” JWoww's former beau says.

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Why he didn't mention this for 13 months is unclear, but he's certainly talking about now, saying he got 37 stitches in his arm after he was stabbed by JWoww.

“Jenni put a kitchen knife through my entire arm,” Tom Lippolis claims in an interview, saying that he didn't report it to protect Jenni, who he was in love with.

Lippolis, who at the time was also JWoww’s manager, says the booze-fueled melee all started over Lippolis allegedly posing for a photo with another woman.

JWoww’s rep had no comment about the accusations by Tom, who she is also fighting in court over nude photos of her that he's been threatening to sell.

Needless to say, Roger Williams, who she got together with on the third season of Jersey Shore, seems like he has a much more stable relationship with her.

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Jay..why don't you STFU. Did you even watch the episodes? If you had, you would have seen that it was her boyfriend that was being verbally abusive, not Jenny. Cameras don't lie and I think he is only trying to defame her anyway that he could, not to mention stealing from her.


so nice,thank you for sharing.


Its so funny how women posting to this are calling him a douche, liar, and asshole. BUT when a girl is hit, or hurt, even worse stabbed its bohooo, that guy is such a dog...You have no idea if this dude is a liar or not, so please just stfu...Women are crazy, ya this guy is doing it for money, but I don't blame him. This show is garbage anyways...Anyone standing up for these 'celebs' are idiots...


He is saying all this and starting trouble, as some revenge tactic! His sorry ass just wants some money and exposure!
He's ugly anyways..doushe bag is right!!!


This tom tom guy is so stupid! Ah he's still dreaming. Wake up tom tom, no money for u......


jersey shore is the perfect display of everything thats wrong with human beings...a bunch of idiotic, drug-filled fuck bags.


Yuup....ii love jersey shore dere da best ...ppl jst hatin kause if yew dnt like it dnt watch it....i love jwow,& snookii:)


hate jersey whore i mean jersey shore what did they do? alwaz drink and fighting, better to shut that show coz u can't learn at all, they showing all the bad habbits, just think for next generation if they keep showing all that on tv what's gonna happen into this world??? all people drink, sex different guys every night??? saying all the F words??? poor show!!!


this guy is a douche!


There's only one word to describe this - women. Speaking of 37 stitches...I love that song.