Tom Lippolis: JWoww Freaking Stabbed Me!

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Tom Lippolis is not backing off his claims that ex-girlfriend Jenni Farley (commonly known as JWoww) came at him with a kitchen knife and sliced him up HARD.

“I thought she was going to kill me,” JWoww's former beau says.

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Why he didn't mention this for 13 months is unclear, but he's certainly talking about now, saying he got 37 stitches in his arm after he was stabbed by JWoww.

“Jenni put a kitchen knife through my entire arm,” Tom Lippolis claims in an interview, saying that he didn't report it to protect Jenni, who he was in love with.

Lippolis, who at the time was also JWoww’s manager, says the booze-fueled melee all started over Lippolis allegedly posing for a photo with another woman.

JWoww’s rep had no comment about the accusations by Tom, who she is also fighting in court over nude photos of her that he's been threatening to sell.

Needless to say, Roger Williams, who she got together with on the third season of Jersey Shore, seems like he has a much more stable relationship with her.

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Hey Jay, did you read Shannon's comment about this worthless show?? And yes, cameras don't lie, it's the editing that will fool you. All reality tv shows are edited for more drama so I agree with you that they are as fake as her titts and I'm a chick so don't say all chicks are against you.
And remember the whole riri and CB thing? Everyone and there freakn mother was on her side but I still to this day believe there is two sides to that story and it takes two like it did in this case. They are both d'bags I.M.O. and hate this fucking show!!
P.S. Someone pop those fake ass titts things already!! Maybe that is what he was trying to do LOL


@jay A hoe is a garden tool you dumbass. Getting into fights on a tv show and stabbing a man in real life are two different things. Oh, let me guess, you believe everything you see on tv right? Like I said, dumbass.


domestic violence occurs in both male and females
it is not gender specific and it is wrong no matter who is doing it
real-wishes dot com where your wishes become reality


I dont think this story is true at all. I actually saw the other day online that the Mayor of Florance Italy which the Jersey Shore cast is going to film their fourth season stated that they are not allowed to be filmed drinking in their bars beacuse he doesnt want to people to think Florance is a "drinking town" So since there isnt gonna be fottage of them in the club they probally did this story so the show can have some entertainment. I could be wrong but i wouldn't be surprised if this situation is on the fourth season.


tom is a douch bag hes just saying all this shit because shes got money and if he loved her the way he says he does then why did he do that to her when they broke up that was just wrong stealing the girls bed for crying out loud we all love ya jwoww dont listen to any of this bullshit on here or anywhere you fucking cool as shit


cont....but really crazy ass hoes.


I love how I am being bashed by all these ladies :)....Anyways my main point don't know who is telling the truth. Judging from what I have seen on the show Jwoww was a crazy slut...So I did some research for you dumb asses who are sticking up for Jwoww. She clearly had anger issues...Twice she fought with Sammi. She initiated the punches in both the fights...Sammi just spit out words. Oh so she wouldn't hurt a man you say...she is just an innocent sweet angel? Season 1 she punches mike..why? Because she got kicked out of a club. So what the guy is trying to make money, it’s a tough economy, ya he is a douche….but clearly judging by the show Jwoww has anger issues. People are crazy these days…especially girls. Ya I might sound like a pussy…but girls are stabbing and shit. I’m guessing this is girl code lol…you ladies smh….innocent, sweet, and angels…but really crazy ass hoes.


Hey Jay- you seem to be missing the point. Nobody believes him. That's why he's a d'bag. Even you don't believe him yet you'll defend him? Agree with him? You don't blame him for going after her $$? You're a bigger d'bag then he is, idiot.


Kip....Why don't you stfu and comeback to me when you have something smart to say..."Cameras don't lie"...most 'reality' shows are fake...Faker than JWowws tits.


Cameras don't lie???? Wow what an idiot... Most reality shows are fake...your comment tells me you are an this conversation will end now.