Tom Lippolis: JWoww Freaking Stabbed Me!

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Tom Lippolis is not backing off his claims that ex-girlfriend Jenni Farley (commonly known as JWoww) came at him with a kitchen knife and sliced him up HARD.

“I thought she was going to kill me,” JWoww's former beau says.

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Why he didn't mention this for 13 months is unclear, but he's certainly talking about now, saying he got 37 stitches in his arm after he was stabbed by JWoww.

“Jenni put a kitchen knife through my entire arm,” Tom Lippolis claims in an interview, saying that he didn't report it to protect Jenni, who he was in love with.

Lippolis, who at the time was also JWoww’s manager, says the booze-fueled melee all started over Lippolis allegedly posing for a photo with another woman.

JWoww’s rep had no comment about the accusations by Tom, who she is also fighting in court over nude photos of her that he's been threatening to sell.

Needless to say, Roger Williams, who she got together with on the third season of Jersey Shore, seems like he has a much more stable relationship with her.

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Yes really! Clearly you did not read or understand why I brought up riri and cb. I only brought them up because of there similarities in the whole he said she said bullshit!! I don't believe either stories.
Was it that hard to understand? Not really I think it was operator error.


Oh please. This guy is one of the biggest douche bags around! No doubt in my mind he is lying! I think he can't stand it that she's found a new guy & a new manager and he can't get any publicity off her or steal anymore of her money. Complete POS who needs to shut up & disappear already.


most of u here r only hating on jwoww coz sh managd to achieve sumthng u cldnt fame the easy way. As 4 th chick bragin on about rihanna, honestly chris brown got it hard at him, how many freaking times did he have to apologize on tv n how many times has he not attentend certain events coz erbody's afraid he myt attack rihana again. For pit sake both chris n rihana r kinda anoyin he hit her yes we got it the point already. As 4 the whole jwoww tom its obvious his lying whch doesnt have the balls to report such an incident honestly yall need to fuck the hell up n leave jwow alone.


This dirty woman is from Franklyn Square.I do believe that she's violent only because of her disgusting attitude.The boyfriend is believable,he most go to the cops and explain what happened .This disgusting woman needs to go to jail.


JERSEY SHORE is about young Italian Americans living their lives on camera in a reality show But JWoww isnt even Italian descent!!


Poor Jay. It's true, women are crazy ass hoes... but are you dating the right one? 8D
'pparently, douche up top wasn't, according to his hilarious delusions. :)


she's beautiful, she's a woman!!! Isn't she entitled to stab him???? Freaking ugly, dangerous, toxic beotch to me.


I always said this bitch was crazy! Actually all of them are, specially that little meatball thing


If this is true then there would be a record of him having gone to the hospital for treatment.
If he was smart he had photographs taken of his injuries. If there's no scar and no record of
treatment then it's a bogus story. No need for drama. Just show some proof.


I'm laughing so much at PG's description of Jenni's fake boobs--perfect! They really do look like a football cut in half and stuck far too high onto her torso. They are the fakest of fake boobs I have ever seen. Ladies,if you're going to get surgery, remember: It's not a haircut, it isn't just going to "grow out," it's a permanent procedure, so hire the very best plastic surgeon you can find and do a lot of research on whomever you're considering hiring. If you can't afford the best, just forget it and don't do whatever it is you're planning to do.If you can't afford the best you can find, keep tucking those dollars away in the piggy bank.