Tom Lippolis: JWoww Freaking Stabbed Me!

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Tom Lippolis is not backing off his claims that ex-girlfriend Jenni Farley (commonly known as JWoww) came at him with a kitchen knife and sliced him up HARD.

“I thought she was going to kill me,” JWoww's former beau says.

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Why he didn't mention this for 13 months is unclear, but he's certainly talking about now, saying he got 37 stitches in his arm after he was stabbed by JWoww.

“Jenni put a kitchen knife through my entire arm,” Tom Lippolis claims in an interview, saying that he didn't report it to protect Jenni, who he was in love with.

Lippolis, who at the time was also JWoww’s manager, says the booze-fueled melee all started over Lippolis allegedly posing for a photo with another woman.

JWoww’s rep had no comment about the accusations by Tom, who she is also fighting in court over nude photos of her that he's been threatening to sell.

Needless to say, Roger Williams, who she got together with on the third season of Jersey Shore, seems like he has a much more stable relationship with her.

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Here is your psycho bitch, Sammi-haters. Jwoow is a sociopath, it has been obvious all the time. Her and Ron. I bet Roger hasn't said anything, first of all it is a shame for a man to admit that he gets beaten by his GIRLfriend. Therefor not many men reports this. Second, if they are still together why would he ruin it all by telling the press? But I bet that after they have broken up the truth will come up. That dude Jwoow must be on steroids.


I neva thought jWOWW would do somthin like tht wow her exz bf is hott


it be tooooooo much goin on


Fuckin hell I cant believe she would do something like that as she was not that violent on Jersey shore but she did punch the situation (serves him right) I dont think she would do that EX BOYFRIEND PRESS CHARGES!!


ANYTHING TO MAKE PEOPLE HATE HER AND TO GET A BIT OF HER CASH. That man probably stabbed her more like, shes a nice girl and is just jealous she is living her life happily. He has stole money from her, hit her, threatened her, what makes yous guys think that this is true. He TALKS #BULLSHIT. KARMAS A BITCH


i dont believe she did it she just doesnt seem like the person to do it.


First of all @ Monkey ! Yes the hell i did understand of what you wrotw and i did read it so what are you talking about ? Secound of all there is no similiarites between rihanna and chris brown vs. Jenni farley and her ex tom, tom wasn't the one punching his girl in the head several times in the head, biting her and choking her and threatned her chris brown is the one that did all that shit but yet no one wanted to believe that now did they ? NO ! . But that situation is over now and you do not even know the whole story or what happend in febuary 2009 and im not going to argue with you about this shit it is stupid but yea like i said this situation with jwowww and her ex has nothing to do with chris brown or rihanna so leave them out of it .


Dear Monkey,it is a good thing i just got saved.You should try it,it makes life a whole lot easier.


This man needs to grow a pair and move on she doesn't love him and I'm soo glad she found Roger he seems just her type. I think he hates the fact she's got someone a million times better than this idiot. I laughed when I first read this he doesn't like how rich she is and this is a pathetic attempted to grab some money. GET A LIFE U STEALING DOUCHE BAG!!!!!!!!


To Addy: Please try to type in full complete sentences, if you even know how. This is not a tweet!
Go back to school you moron. Clearly you are a Jersey Shore fan.