The Voice Premiere: Confusing, But Kinda Fun!

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The Voice, to hear host Carson Daly tell it, premiered Tuesday on NBC as "a singing competition unlike any other, because it puts vocal ability first."

Sort of.

Before we even get to the musical performances on the series the network hopes will coax you away from American Idol, here's how it works ...

The Voice Judges
  1. Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine must each draft eight singers to form a team in the "blind auditions."
  2. The singers come out to wow the coaches, whose backs are turned, with their voices alone. If one of the coaches likes The Voice, then ...
  3. He/she presses a magic button that turns his chair around; if he's the only judge to turn, that vocalist is automatically on his/her team.
  4. If more than one coach presses his button, the vocalist who's being fought over gets to choose which coach he/she wants to work with.
  5. Once each coach has chosen eight singers, he or she personally trains the members of that team to make them better vocalists.
  6. Then comes Round Two, in which each coach is responsible for cutting half the members of his or her team. Gonna be rough.
  7. In its last round, The Voice will start to look a lot more familiar. The 16 remaining singers will perform live. Viewers will vote.
  8. The victor receives $100,000 and a record deal. Yay!

Alright, let's get down to business!

The first hopeful to enter the Voice Box (yup, the call it that) was Tarralyn Ramsey, whose rendition of Faith Hill's "Breathe" moved Xtina and Cee Lo:

Christina ended up with Tarralyn, while Patrick Thomas became the first member of Blake Shelton's team by channeling his inner Tim McGraw:

Vicci Martinez's passionate performance of "Rolling in the Deep" piqued the interest of both Cee Lo and Christina, but she went with Cee Lo.

This one was odd. Anyone remember Frenchie Davis from American Idol? She was kicked off because of a nude pic scandal. Now she's back:

Now Christina's project now, while Kelsey Rey, a brunette cutie who whines about being so darn cute (boo hoo) landed on Cee Lo's team:

Then came Jeff Jenkins, who got ALL "four of the biggest artists on the planet Earth" (Carson loves to say this) to turn around for the first time:

Jeff chose Adam after heated competition. Also piquing interest from all four, and joining Adam, was Javier Colon with this "Time After Time" cover ...

Tje Austin's audition was one of the only times where the "blind" audition really came into play. Watch him below and you'll see what we mean ...

Beverly McClellan, the final singer of the night, landed with Xtina, giving all the judges three hopefuls. Next week, they pick five more. Here's Bev:

What did you think of The Voice premiere? A nice addition to the genre, or a complicated, gimmicky American Idol knockoff? Discuss!

Samantha essman

i actually enjoyed watching this..the only thing that i like about american idol is the auditions in the differents states. i dont watch after that and i love to watch the voice and after tuesday nights premier i am hooked. i love the judges the picked too. i loved blake's reaction on the first duet couple came out onstage singing "elowen"? that was funny and priceless.


Awesome! Watched all the videos and cried at the end of each for the joy of the contestants, LOL! I'm not addicted to American Idol like some of my friends. But I'll be watching the 'Voice' on Tuesdays ;-)


I liked it, it was different than Idol, but I'll still watch Idol too. If I have to watch "reality" TV, then this is the type I'll watch. I wish they'd keep the contestant's "backstories" out of it, though. If the "judges" don't have to hear about them, neither should we.


I didn't think Tje was terrible looking... He just had a big old afro. In the seventies, women woulda been all over that plumage, whatchu talkin' 'bout?
I am so excited for this show. It looks like fun fun fun fun.


Beverley McClellen rocked the house!


FINALLY! Just like a lot of other people said this show judges on your actual voice not what you look like. The only reason Simon and Randy ppicked bikini girl and other girls from American Idol was because of their looks. I love Patrick Thomas! He is amazing and I love country and Blake Shelton!!!! And freespirit114 Kelly Clarkson isn't the only good idol star, Carrie Underwood won idol and she is awesome.


I love the American version of The Voice! The dutch was great too, just look up Ben Saunders on youtube, his audition showcases extremely well what The Voice is all about! Really talented people got picked this week, Im looking forward to round two, where the coaches have to cut half of their pupils. They've got a tough choice to make!


I've been waiting for a competition like this -- I LOVE this show!!! Finally, finally, finally some real competition for American Idol. The format is so cool, with the judges pitted against each other and selling themselves, and with amazing singers. I can't wait to see the next episode!


This is the way it should be. Listen to the voice before you judge the looks. When you see the person when they are singing you have already made judgement and it blockes your ears for the voice. Look at Josh Groben (sorry if its mispelled). He has a wonderful, sexy voice but even though he is good looking, you never would think he could sing like that just by looking at him. Go Voice!


i think this show just might blow american idol away:) i love how its TALENT FIRST. anyone remember the bikini girl off american idol? ugh.

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