The Real Housewives of NYC Recap: Ramona Singer Takes the Crazy Title

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How can you not love the Hamptons? It's so beautiful, so peaceful. 

That is until the housewives arrive, drink all the Pinot and steal the dip.

I used to think Kelly was the crazy one of the group but lately I've begun to realize that that title is up for grabs. Ramona scares me. I think it's the crazy eyes. She makes Kelly look sane. The fact that Ramona has no filter between her brain and her mouth is highly entertaining to watch but must be hell to live with.

Gettin' Ramona'd

I lost track of the number of people Ramona offended in this episode.

First she calls out Luann's mothering abilities at a party. Granted, I question the idea of leaving two teenagers virtually unattended for a couple of days.

Who is this "mother's helper" Luann speaks of? Luann's kids come across as intelligent and well behaved but even the best teenagers find trouble.

That being said, Ramona still had no business questioning Luann's parenting and certainly not in public.

Ramona scares Kelly to the point that the poor woman practically recoils in fear when Ramona approaches her at Cindy's party. 

Then Ramona goes on the attack with Cindy's brother and like a little blonde pitbull she won't let it go. Then she quickly plays the victim showing Cindy her shaking hands. I wasn't sure if Ramona should have laid off the Pinot or gotten another glass.

Sonja was a whole other train wreck. If she treats all of her friends the way she treats Cindy I can't imagine anyone wanting to be near her.

First she's annoyed that her driver had to take her all the way to Tribeca to meet Cindy for shopping. Then she insults the town where Cindy's party is being held in the Hamptons.

But my favorite was when she told Cindy that she's marked all of her company's e-mail as junk mail and never reads it. "But that's not an insult."

My God, can you imagine if Sonja was actually trying to insult her!

In Your Face!

I think Cindy was right to give Kelly the heads up about the set up with Ramona. Sonja didn't think Kelly's kids being there was a big deal but Sonja doesn't see much past herself. Unfortunately Kelly outed poor Cindy.

I'm sure Cindy's going to get an earful next week.

Alex was virtually nonexistent in this episode and Jill's still traveling the land down under but it looks like she's back next week. I'm sure the sparks will fly.

As for Kelly and Sonja's dog  walk on the beach goes…sand angels or listening to Sonja? No contest. Kelly's looking saner every week.


Ramona and Sonja acting nutty, but enjoy watching them make fools of themselves. At least they are entertaining. Alex on the other hand is very hard to watch, she's really overwhelmed with jealousy and takes herself waaaay to seriously. Cindy seems to be able to hold it together on her own, so it will be interesting to see how she sees things.


Yes, Alex can stay but the rest have to go. Seriously. They're all playing roles & are so predictable & transparent. The fun is looong gone. The whole show is sooo stale! Out w/ the old & in w/ the new. Good riddence!


I feel like everyone is trying to change themselves way to much! To the point where its just fake and it feels "scripted "
Jill playing victim is just plain annoying now. I'm tired of hearing about her so called breakup with Bethenny. And she looks rediculous with her Madonna in the 90's look.
Alex is trying way to hard to be heard. Although, she is my favorite housewife.
Sonja is delusional. Another one who is broke. But..she wants us to see her differently.
Kelly....omg...I almost can't watch!!
LuAnn and Cindy....idk...jury's still out of those two. LuAnn is def one two faced lady! Cindu is a tad to normal and boring for me so far. Its still early in the season though. I wonder if Kelly behaves herself on this Moracco trip..?!!???


Sonja gets worse and worse. She's a horrible person and I can't imagine anyone calling her friend. Ramona can be rude when she's sober but she gets nutty when she drinks. I don't blame Kelly. I wouldn't let these women near my kids either.


i like alex too. they all are pretending to be so stuffy and above it all, it makes them boring. they need to check out bethany's show and see how attractive being real, spontaneous and having a sense of humor is. the little humor that you see on this show is very snarky and usually at someone else's expense. not a whole lotta fun. money, reasonably good looks and NOT FUN. HWOB


Ramona is my favorite housewife now that Bethanny is gone. I don't think Kelly should have been allowed back after last season. You can tell she has a big problem this season, and thats why she is staying away from some of the girls. If she has to stay away from them, whats the point of her being on the show. Same can be said for Jill. They haven't filmed her alot, so whats the point of inviting her back either. Ramona cracks me up. Actually when LuAnne said she leaves her kids twice a week in the middle of the week I too was horrified. So tired of parents having kids and then leaving twice a week to have their own time. Horrible.


Ramona and her crazy bug eyes are just creepy and the more she drinks the farther she falls off the deep end. She gets nuttier with each season. Sonja is just awful. Selfish, rude, and mean. Why would anyone choose to spend time with her. I'd rather do sand angels on the beach with Kelly. When her chemical imbalance is kept in check she's almost normal.


With each successive season, RHONY has gotten more and more unwatchable. I no longer like or want to watch ANY of these shrill, self-centered women, they're all pretty uninteresting at this point, the addition of Cindy Barshop only made me like it less. The only RH series that I'd watch at this point is BH, and if Lisa V were to leave, I wouldn't watch. All in all, I'm pretty much mostly over the RH series. They have jumped the shark


OMG What happened to this show?? NYC needs New, fresh, young, normal, & Real Housewives!! These ladies have gotten their high & mighty attitudes way outa wack!! BORING OLD DONE


Sonja is rude an ugly. If I had to choose friends from any of them I'd choose Alex. I hate that these woman put on such airs. Sonja is way out of control this season. she's really ugly.

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