Lady Gaga: Unmasked in Harper's Bazaar

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Lady Gaga recently posed for Harper's Bazaar, where famed photographer Terry Richardson put together a photo spread befitting of his reputation and hers.

Whether masked or unmasked, or baring two breasts or what looks like five, the pink-haired marvel proves that she's always willing to push the envelope.

Feast your eyes on the mag's Lady Gaga photos below ...

Woman Behind the Mask
Lady Gaga Bazaar Cover
The Glamorous Gaga
Grand, Baby

[Photos: Harper's Bazaar]


But her fans will say she's an artist people. She's just plain nuts, people are buying it and she's pocketing it all the way to the bank. That is nuts.


so tired of everyone calling her original. I've seen her looks before, check out Todd Rundgren in the 70's.


Her record company must be desperate supporting this loser,no wonder they went after Limewire.

Jennifer miller

wow, this is creepy!


what a waste of space........


and this is the girl who tells people to be themselves...........good fucking god by your own words for once how bout.


Zzzzzzzzzzz! If Marilyn Manson and Madonna had a baby it would be her. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz Next!


Shez creatve!

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