Lady Gaga: Unmasked in Harper's Bazaar

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Lady Gaga recently posed for Harper's Bazaar, where famed photographer Terry Richardson put together a photo spread befitting of his reputation and hers.

Whether masked or unmasked, or baring two breasts or what looks like five, the pink-haired marvel proves that she's always willing to push the envelope.

Feast your eyes on the mag's Lady Gaga photos below ...

Woman Behind the Mask
Lady Gaga Bazaar Cover
The Glamorous Gaga
Grand, Baby

[Photos: Harper's Bazaar]

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gaga has a brilliant voice but most of the time i dont like her clothes any way she is a good singer .


wao - She got a lot......:)):))


Uggg! Gosh Gaga! All I can say is, I feel bad for the people that give her her fashion advice!


Lady Gaga is just a total tryhard in my opinion. She's tries way too hard to be different, and she's just disgusting. No offense to Gaga fans.


I have to say i think it's really ugly, and Gaga's eyes look as if she just did a line of coke before the photo shoot. But all in all it's pretty harmless and she's just trying to express herself. She's dealing with a lot of stuff that happened in her past. I say let her get it out of her system, and here's hoping she'll start making good music again someday soon!


i`ll still pomp her...hehehehe


Lady Caca should stick to being an Oompa Loompa.


After 'seeing' her I'm frightened to 'hear' her - very odd indeed...I think that music as we knew it through the 80's is GONE. Lady Gaga is one more example of what is wrong in our 'American Idol' centered music industry.


Let her do whatever she likes as far as she sings good music.


I like some of her music...I like some of the pics and some are just plain digusting!
Fans who loved her "Born like this" should know that was depicting the birth of Satan...if you doubt me, look at the horns on the shoulders. Where is Tipper Gore when we really need her?
Someone said she is a shock-jock like Madonna and Prince...perhaps so, but why the need for shock when talent is obviously there from all three of them?