Teyana Taylor Allegedly Beats Down Women for Dissing Chris Brown

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Man, let's hope Teyana Taylor has never read what THG has written about Chris Brown...

This R&B singer allegedly instigated a violent brawl in a recording studio Saturday night, all because a woman made a disparaging remark about Brown. Authorities tell TMZ the incident took place in Burbank, as Taylor defended the honor of her pal by punching a female in the face and then kicking her repeatedly in the stomach.

Sounds like behavior that would make Brown proud, doesn't it?

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When cops arrived on the scene, Taylor had already left the premises. No charges have been filed, but police are investigating the brawl and plan on speaking to the singer.

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Hey Teyana...Chris Brown SUCKS. He always has and he always will. Beating up Rihanna just gave him a new moniker of wife beater on top of already sucking. He has violent tendencies as proven on GMA. He hasn't learned a damn thing. I feel sorry for the next idiot that hooks up with him. He makes the song Love Hurts come true. Anyone that defends him needs to go visit a women's shelter to see the victims of domestic violence. Go to a morgue and see what happens when men beat on women. Then come back and defend that low class jerk. His next victim may not be as lucky as Rihanna and make it out alive.


@King Makers You should put less work into this blog and try to contact Chris Brown instead and just get with him already. Oh my God jump off. And stop with the race card already it's getting old. Just move on, when you hold so much anger and resentment you're just hurting yourself cause no one really cares.


"look at me now" is not top 10, 20, 40, 50 but all the way in 86! Canadians don't like "look at me now" or any Chris Brown songs will the would is crazy about them. Despite the fact that Chris's hits score very well with other charts it always the Canadian counterparts that lets it down Unlike the rest that score terribly on other charts but with the Canadian support, they just keep scoring 1#s Whats with Canadian support thats so important to the charts? do they have alot of voters or buyers than the world? hmmm Not even top 20 or 40? the 1# LOOK AT ME NOW, is 86?! thats ridiculous & hateful.


Hello @Sarah, can you explain your hot 100 charts then? imagine if you guys left the past like Australia for instance, CB would have been 1# on the billboard hot 100 as well, cos its you people that really shape the charts. Chris Brown was justin Bieber b4 Grammy night 2009 when his "bad choice menace GF" forced him to loose his cool. But this is 2011 now & he has his cool back since then. I bet Bieber's mistakes will never cost him your supports, let alone for 3 years.


I'm Canadian and I wish Chris Brown would be a little more like Justin Bieber and a little less violent,sort of like Coke without the caffeine.


NO REPUBLICAN LOVE! CANADIANS HATE CHRIS! LOOK ON THEIR CHARTS! RED NECKS ARE AT WAR WITH CHRIS! All tracks & albums ahead of Chris's on the chart is due to the heavy Canadian backing rubbing Chris of possible extra 1#s. No respect for those freaks


Damn those Republican red necks Chris Brown gets NO love from the canadians for some reason. Every track or album thats ahead of Chris's on the charts is because if the heavy Canadian support evident on their Hot 100. Look at the charts & compare the charts & you see why Chris is not 1# on the billboard Hot 100, its because of these Canadian let down. I wonder why although i know there are a lot of red necks there but others get support there so whats the politics?


All of u people need to please shutup! Whoever said that black people race is messup, i would have say that i agree with u. But, the reason why we is so messup, is because we deal with so much from our ancestors past and how we was brought up. Back in the 1800s, our people was raise to hate one another, just to be a white man favorite and it is still the same way it been from years. It is sad how the white master rape our great aunts and grandmothers. Most people say stop living the past, how can i stop living the past when i have sat down and listen to a elder black person when he or she talk about what they been through from their past. They talk about being a slave, so dont never tell a black person to not bring up the past. So just to let my american people know, i love u all of any race. We all still the same, just different colors.


I am biracial and I am sick of hearing about how blacks are so hated against. .. hey check this out .. blacks were the most fucked up to me growing up? why because my mom was white and I was light skinned. They treated me more fucked up then whites or any other race. I am so sick of the fucking race card/victime bullshit. You are your own worst enemy.. constantly klling one another ands hit..s o get the fuck out of her with that racism bullshit!


King Makers - "back and bottom of the pot" wow!! Your clearly so 'proud' of 'your' people there!! Jeez the trade has been and gone, your telling everyone to stop living in the past over what breezy did and accept that he has changed, well can you take your own opinion/advice and please accept that not every other race is a racist and out to get you! However, I agree with you she did hit first I never said Ri was in that right, a MAN should not hit a woman everybody in there sane mind nows that, Chris was a BOY then! & well as for Tey shes just beggin it to be like Rihanna!!

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