Teen Mom's Leah Messer & Corey Simms: It's Over?

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Another week, another major dose of Teen Mom drama - times two.

Teen Mom 2’s Leah Messer and Corey Simms - parents of 16-month-old twins Aleeah and Aliannah - just got married in October. But after myriad problems and months of fighting constantly, the pair have finally separated - perhaps for good.

“Corey is going to file for divorce,” a close friend said.

  • Leah Messer Dumped?
  • Teen Mom Split!

TRUE OR FALSE: Considering the source(s), you never know.

The accounts of these two celebrity gossip publications differ, but the point is that Corey left her. In Touch claims he took money for the twins and bought a truck!

OK! also hints at money problems between them, but another final straw.

Fed up with Leah’s obsession with buying a better house, Corey Simms left her. Meanwhile, Corey is bunking with his own mother, rent-free. There you have it.

“He and Leah have been living apart for two weeks, and he's been very happy,” the pal adds. If that's true, well ... it's very sad for everyone. Poor little tykes.

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omg u guys u and corey are perfect 4 each.i am with leah on this one


She is so full of drama. Any drama in their relationship seemed to come from her. She still had feelings for her ex and broke up with Cory, then she does everything she can to get him back, then she wants to marry him, then she gets cold feet... she needs to make up her mind! Cory seems like a simple guy who doesn't know how to handle her craziness.


well girl i know that u and him needed to be together but u need to do whats better for the kids. i hope the best for u . well if u would get back wth me because corey grandam thats what she said some things that u might wont to know.


And the "Dumbing down of America" continues.


feel soorry for her,dont blame her wanting a bigger house.money should go for bills and house not truck.hope he pays child support


I really wouldn't believe it until the next season of Teen Mom 2 comes back on. They put this crap on here to make people talk. It's all friggin drama.


She was too good for that bucktoothed goofy redneck anyway.


I wish they wouldnt get a divocre because they are made for each other........ Okay you might have some up and downs but thats part of life:( ...............................


NOOO. i Really hope this isnt tru. SMH.


To the tabloids mags-who cares? Seriously! MTV suxs hard for putting this crap on the air. Teen mom makes jersey shore look like a doco on responsible adults.

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