Tamra Barney: Tongued in Cabo

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Tamra Barney sure knows how to have a good time.

The Real Housewives of Orange County star recently raised eyebrows for a soft core porn seductive scene in the bathtub with Eddie Judge on the Bravo hit.

Now, the two are at it again, only not on reality TV. Tamra and Eddie partied like college kids in Mexico, with Judge taking body shots off his blonde babe.

If you have the stomach for it, check out Eddie prepping Tamra's stomach for a severe tonguing and then delivering the goods. How jealous are you!?!

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Tamra is a true HAG! She flies in on her broom and flies out on her broom. It is so obvious she tries desperately to remain relevant on this stupid Bravo show to keep getting her paycheck. It's her only source of income, duh. Why Andy of Bravo doesn't dump her---I'd hate to speculate why. Gross. Simon is so lucky to be rid of this old skank.


Tamra enough of the face jobs! concerntrate on your forehead - you look like frankinstein! Damn girl! You could actually become a porn star after you have dropped the kids off at school? that could be your side line!
Is Eddie crazy going with her? probably for the publicity. How could he introduce that piece of trash to his family?
Also, please stop tonguing one another in public- it really is torture to witness. PLEASE!


Has she become a bisexual porn star now? You see thats the problem with reality shows, they make uneducated, ignorant fools like her to actually believe in their own hype. I can compare her to London's reality TV star "Jade Goodey"- exactly the same.


Has anyone ever seen a 44 year old doing body shots ever???? Nope..just a desperate aging hag who will do anything and backstab anyone for attention. She must be on drugs or constantly drunk to even think that is mildly appropriate for a woman that old. I would be sooooooooooooo embarrassed if that was my mom. Good lord she needs help!! Also she has aged 5 years in only one...weird!!


Funny Frankie Flowers but think she is a hoe not a wanna be hoe LOL
You can't take the trailer park outta the girl!!


Tamara you should've stayed with yo husband because now u done turned into a wanna be hoe


Learnt how to eat using a knife & fork yet Tamra? Lol!! Trailer trash & a desperate wanna be, embrace the wrinkles you have Tamra, there is plenty to go around! How much do you pay the giggi, same rate you accused Jeff of paying Gretchen? Lol, isn't Karmaa bitch sometimes!


Seriously, looks like Eddie was stalling...most men wouldn't touch that with a ten foot pole...