Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, Taylor Hicks Cover "Friday"

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Justin Bieber has sampled it.

Nick Jonas has sang a few lyrics in concert.

But no one has paid tribute to Rebecca Black's "Friday" quite like Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon. The talk show hosts, who have agreed to be best friends for six months, collaborated on the track during Fallon's show last night.

The performance (which included The Roots and Taylor Hicks) came after Colbert accepted Fallon's challenge to cover the YouTube smash if Fallon's audience came up with $26,000 to give to DonorsChoose.Org. Both sides came through with their ends of the deal, leading to the following hilarity:


Love this skit.


why do ppl wanna cover friday? 2 make da talentless more talented?


@me i completly agree and lets not forget that homeless guy smh. we can go to times square and meet 1 person that has more tatlent thenhalf these celeberties. its ashame. u have too have a gimick to be fame.


I dont even get it. This world is full of so many talented people and people who are extremely talentless (justin bieber and black) can get fame so easily how can someone become famous for just posting videns thats what everyone can do. You are v dumb and stupid black


That song is terrible.....who cares about what seat ur sitting on on the buss????

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