Stefano Langone and Paul McDonald: On the American Idol Chopping Block?

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It's not that Stefano Langone and Paul McDonald are bad singers, but their efforts have lagged behind the rest of the field at times on American Idol.

Did the twosome do enough to turn things around last night? Or are both in big trouble when the votes are tallied on tonight's elimination episode?

Stefano elected to sing "When a Man Loves a Woman," Percy Sledge-style, while Paul went on with Johnny Cash's "Folsom Prison Blues." Thoughts?

Watch their performances from Wednesday night below and tell us if you think either - or neither - should be receiving a ticket home this evening ...


You guys all don't know talent. GO LISTEN to Paul's album with The Grand Magnolias. Stop being lemmings cheering on the screamers and growlers. I wish Simon was here. He would laugh at someone like Haley, or James.


Please let it be Paul who gets the least votes. The dude can't sing! He's terrible and his range is about 3 notes, all sung through his nose. The other contestants can really sing. This guy just jumps around like a spindly legged grasshopper and the judges let it pass? He even screwed up the words to Tracks of My Tears and the judges said nothing. He's out of his league.


If this is a "singing" contest then the next to go should be Casey. I don't get why the judges are so high on this guy. So the guy plays a bass. So what. And jumping Paul should be next. I thought they would have both been gone last week. But what do I know, only that the general voters don't get it. It would be interesting if only one vote per person was allowed and only on line. Then you'd truly see actual results.


Bottom 3: Paul, Stefano, and Jacob (or Pia) because people will forget to vote for her (like me..oops)


I am not sure who will booted out. All of them are good. My guess Pia Toscano will be out. At the botton three will be Jocob, Pia, Healey.


DialIdol predicts that Paul, Jacob and Stefano will be in the bottom 3, with Paul being actually booted off tonight.

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