Spencer Pratt Critically Injured in Hiking Accident

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For the past week, Spencer Pratt has been in Wales, taking in the sights and hiking the UK country's beautiful countryside. We haven't heard much from him.

Never did we guess we may never hear from him again, however.

Reports out of the UK indicate that while trekking through the hills, Spence was hindered by one of the region's typical drastic shifts in weather and stranded.

He attempted to take a shortcut down a steep hill and took a terrible fall, losing consciousness and suffering severe injuries. Luckily, he was found quickly.

Spencer in Wales

The Hills made Spencer a star. Ironically, a hike through faraway and very different hills may lead to the semi-annoying, semi-endearing reality star's demise.

While the extent of Spencer Pratt's injuries and his prognosis remain unclear, it's not good. Some reports indicate severe head trauma, possibly resulting in a coma.

Sources at the scene say he was found by fellow hikers and injured badly, but still breathing by the time emergency personnel arrived at the bottom of the hill.

He and people close to him have been radio silent for days, which can't be a good sign. All we can do is hope for the best, wait for updates and pray for a miracle.

Fortunately, Pratt's wife Heidi Montag sustained less severe injuries, as 68 percent of her body is non-organic. Who'd have guessed that would come in handy?

Story developing. Stay tuned for future updates ...


Considering the picture was taken when Tiger woods mother in law was taken to the hospital...pretty safe to say this is an April Fools joke


this guy will do anything for publicity!


If this is his idea of an April Fools Day joke......he's one sick jerk. Oh wait, he's one sick, talentless jerk anyway. Hope it isn't true, don't want anyone to go through this. I wish him a full and speedy recovery.


If this story is true, then everyone who is making asinine comments needs to back off. Yes, Spencer is a jackass. But he's not bad enough to wish a brain injury on. Come on, folks. You know he entertains you. Be kind.


April Fools, right??


April fools joke for sure....he's too annoying to go out like that!


aw too bad..maybe if he survives, he'll have amnesia and forget what an asshole he is and actually be worthy of the air he breathes and the space he wastes on this earth.If only he'd landed on them DDDDDDD boobs of his wifes !!


It IS an April Fools joke...


Haha i thought it was an april fools day joke.hes a jackass but i do hope he gets better...even though hes a waste of space.


April Fools!!! Haha this guy is such the prankster! Oh, this is real? Too bad, maybe the dumbass should have watched where he was walking.


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