Spencer Pratt Critically Injured in Hiking Accident

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For the past week, Spencer Pratt has been in Wales, taking in the sights and hiking the UK country's beautiful countryside. We haven't heard much from him.

Never did we guess we may never hear from him again, however.

Reports out of the UK indicate that while trekking through the hills, Spence was hindered by one of the region's typical drastic shifts in weather and stranded.

He attempted to take a shortcut down a steep hill and took a terrible fall, losing consciousness and suffering severe injuries. Luckily, he was found quickly.

Spencer in Wales

The Hills made Spencer a star. Ironically, a hike through faraway and very different hills may lead to the semi-annoying, semi-endearing reality star's demise.

While the extent of Spencer Pratt's injuries and his prognosis remain unclear, it's not good. Some reports indicate severe head trauma, possibly resulting in a coma.

Sources at the scene say he was found by fellow hikers and injured badly, but still breathing by the time emergency personnel arrived at the bottom of the hill.

He and people close to him have been radio silent for days, which can't be a good sign. All we can do is hope for the best, wait for updates and pray for a miracle.

Fortunately, Pratt's wife Heidi Montag sustained less severe injuries, as 68 percent of her body is non-organic. Who'd have guessed that would come in handy?

Story developing. Stay tuned for future updates ...

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The only thing dead about Spencer is his career, image & future as an actor!!


THIS IS FAKE. WHOEVER POSTED THIS IS AN IDIOT. Spencer tweeted several times and he seems pretty great and not severely injured. SO DO NOT, I REPEAT NOT BELIEVE THIS CRAP!


Spencer is the best. I can't believe news reporters would be so low as to scare me like this. Shame on you!!!


If this is not real, it is a pathetic way to get attention, why are they still reporting about these two, after they blew all of that money, we already know how stupid they are.


Aha! Good call Hil- bet you're right.


I wouldn't be surprised if this was a April fools prank.


Hope hes ok someone needs call steph and Hedi all of his fam! pronto! Even though people thinks its` a joke ! I dont take this very funny so !


hate that piece of dogshit


On any other day, a report on Spencer would be annoying, now if he has used April's Fools Day as a joke about being injured, I will only remind him that there is a story about the Boy who cried wolf.
In the "event" that he finds himself on a slippery slope in the future, there will be a reason Not to believe "another tall tale".
I know that our "on the case reporters @ THG" will give an update between now and October the 35th if this story is worth following!


RumourFix are claiming that it is mostly BS and he is OK