Source: Robert Pattinson Gives Kristen Stewart a Promise Ring!

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So much for Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart taking a break.

Their days on the set of Breaking Dawn may be coming to an end now that the film is nearing the end of production, but the two are closer than ever in real life.

Robert Pattinson, Cannes Film Festival

Case in point? The “promise ring” Rob just offered his lady love!

“The ring is rose-cut diamonds set in rose gold,” says a friend of the rock, which reportedly set him back $17K. “It’s a very feminine piece of jewelry. Very old.”

BENDED KNEE: How long until Rob gets down on one for real?

The one thing we don't buy about this story? Kristen Stewart is kind of a tomboy. It's hard to imagine her wearing diamonds (even from Robert Pattinson).

Still, sources say he's ready, willing and able to take it to the next level!

“Rob is more mature than Kristen and and he’s ready to settle down,” says an insider. So is marriage next for one of Hollywood's hottest young couples?

We can only hope, THG readers. We can only hope.


omg Robert Pattinson is sooooooooooo hot! i love you rob!


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What's a promise ring??? Is silly. An engagement ring is a promise of marriage. He may have gotten her a ring as a gift but I doubt he called it a promise ring. That's so 6th grade and he's a v mature guy.


I seriously hope they don't rush into getting married.


OMG YAY! LOL this is awesome!


This story is fake. Gossip cop debunked it. Sorry ladies what's not meant to be isn't meant to be.


Kristen has been wearing Rob's "promise ring" since her last birthday - he gave her the gold wedding band he wore in "Bel Ami" when she celebrated her 20th birthday with him in Budapest. And who says Kristen wouldn't wear ANY ring Rob gives her? He knows her better than we do so he knows exactly what kind of "engagement ring" to give her. Yes, "engagement ring" because that's where they are in their relationship. They've been dating for more than two years. Some people still don't want to believe it because the couple won't discuss their relationship, but I applaud these two young people for keeping their private lives, relatively private. It hasn't been easy with so many fans following their every move, but they've handled it extremely well, and are STILL a very happy couple with a wonderful future ahead of them.


Just give them a break for god sake


I like only the true ,I hate gossip.......I UNIK AND SPECIAL1

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