Selena Gomez Performs "Who Says" on Dancing With the Stars: Watch Now!

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Young Selena Gomez performed on the Dancing With the Stars results show last night, delivering a stirring rendition of her new chart-climbing single, "Who Says."

Whether you like her music or not, she sounded pretty good out there, offering a nice respite from the controversy of Chris Brown's appearance last week.

Follow the link above to see which of the 10 remaining competitors got kicked off DWTS Tuesday night, then check out Selena doing her thing below ...




I think selena sounds great and her dress was beautiful! Who ever said she is ugly and cant sang is wrong and is stupid! Im glad justin bieber is dating her because they are perfect for each other even though they are not the same age but who cares i want to date justin bieber and he is like 6 years older than me! Selena dont listen to any of those people that say bad things about you live your life with justin and be happy okay! Your friend, audre aka smiley! :^)


@logann allen, The word pathetic doesn't even begin to describe you, you sound like a dumb stupid little girl with Beiber Fever... Do you actually think Justin even knows you? Grow Up!!


She cannot sing well like i can. her dress looks ugly and tight. she is mad cause justin bieber dumped her. Justin likes me not her. haha selena.

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