Sarah Palin Backs Up Donald Trump, Obama "Birther" Crusade

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In February, Sarah Palin said the "birther" issue - whether President Obama was really born in the U.S. - was a "distraction" from more important issues.

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    The requirements to run against Obama is a dialogue without the Gargantuan Fear of the Race-Card being shoved down ones throat. Very Few have that Nerve :: & for a Woman to have it; Say Like Palin is Almost Revolting... One could Somehow Rationalize A Man like Trump having more Nerve than Oneself!! So he may Need to be the Candidate ??


    Fuck all of you. The motherfucker is not from this country he is anti-american and he is out to ruin The United States and he is doing a pretty good job. If he was born here he should just show it and move on, but he can't because he was NOT BORN HERE. So get yall's heads out of you'r ass's it's not about race it about saving this country from the worst president in US history.


    donald trump and palin is true. they tend to say old stuff. what's new? true that they say old things but never new stuff. we want new things if we say things not the way it is. what is things? not some rubbish talks


    Dumb and Dumber.


    I agree that it's a race issue. Nobody would be asking any questions if he was white. Whether or not Trump realizes it, he's being extremely racist, and it's not cool. It shocks me that crap like this is still happening in the US. How sad.


    its the white part I don't like about him.


    who really gives a flying fuck??? it obviously doesnt matter who runs your country......cuz its still as corrupt as its ever been. Trump wont fix jack shit if hes elected and i dont even know how palin got into politics cuz i thought you actually needed an education for that. Its pretty fuckin sad when the possible future leaders of your country are just attention starved idiots/wannabe celebrities. Looks like 2012 could actually be then end.


    @shannon I agree with you that it has everything to do with race, but STRONGLY disagree about Obama doing a bad job as president! He can't do everything he wanted to do immediately. So far he has gotten more things done in two years then Bush ever got done in eight!


    this whole thing is very race related, the only reason ppl are acting this way is simply cuz obama is black. NO ONE would be giving him a second glance if he was white, its so ridiculous. i was a huge obama supporter when he was first elected but hes doing a crappy job as president, i dont care for him anymore. so why dont ppl stick with critisizing his skills, or lack thereof, & stop being such racists.... its disgusting & pathetic.


    Donald trump and stupid Palin are racist,where are their own birth certificate they should bring it out for us to see.i believe 99.9% Americans will never vote for this fools.

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