Sandra Bullock Betrayed Again By Jesse James?

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Really, Star? That's the best you can come up with?

What could Jesse James possibly have done to betray Sandra Bullock this time? It's been over a year since his cheating scandal ruined their marriage, but if nothing else, he's moved on. Jesse's even engaged to Kat Von D!

According to the cover below, he blames her for his cheating ...

Sandra Betrayed Again, Blah Blah Blah

Jesse James cheated on Sandra! In March 2010!

Pretty sure there were no devastating secrets revealed in the past week.

If anything, Jesse James loathes himself. Doesn't make what he did right, but he feels bad about it and would just as soon move forward, not rehash this.

Just saying. Combined with their legally-mandated apology to Katie Holmes, this was not the tabloid's best week. Step it up, Star. You're letting us down.


jesse your to blame you sorry piece of you know what you had it all and threw it all away so you know where you can go may your penis fall off from the looks of it want be long by the way of your trash you call girl friends so get a life and let americas sweetheart live her life and stay out of her life and stop trying to bring her down with you


She wanted the contract but did not deliver on love.No love=no love.


He's behaviour is incredibly typical of most cheating men. It's all your fault! Take responsibility Jess no one placed a gun to your head.


sandra should thank d bastard and move on, jesse is a bitch and a cheap cheat.


Jesse James wanted someone that he could relate to so now he's dating Kat I guess like is going out with like, in other words he's got tattoos and she's got tattoos. It's like the princess and the pea, she's above him in stature and couldnt deal with his low attitude. I have tatts and go with a person who doesnt and thinks they're just wasting money, where I live my best friend also has tatts and doesnt question mine, so I guess I need to date a man with tattoos. I hope she's happy with her little boy cause I wouldnt be thinking about Jesse right now my mind would be on my family.


Well, tell ya whut!If Sandra Bulock was my wife i would be home sleepin with her,rather then out playing in the field!Damn!you give some o these dumb ass,es the best steak in the house and they out lookin for a better cut o meat!


What are u talking about?!?


so they aren't fighting or whut? i guess i can imagine that...i think Jesse will probably give account that maybe not everything was his fault but the divorce went well...i don't think there is much to fight about...if Sandy is being a bitch about this book its cause shes a bitch...if Jesses being dum with how he says with what he says thats because he's dum. we'll be a'ight im not quite ashamed of these to not proud of them...but im not ashamed either..
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