Royal Wedding Photo Gallery & Video: The Kiss, The Dress, The Ceremony & More!

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The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton proved to be every bit as majestic, heartwarming and special as anticipated Friday morning.

Below, THG has compiled photos and video highlights from the adorable couple's nuptials and the events that followed this once-in-a-generation event.

Even after the vows were exchanged and the wedding dress was revealed, there was one magical moment royal watchers looked forward to the most:

Prince William and Duchess Catherine Middleton stepping onto the Buckingham Palace balcony for their first kiss as husband and wife. Watch it here ...

At 1:25 p.m. London time, the fairy tale moment unfolded. A crowd of thousands swarmed the landmark to catch a glimpse of the kiss in person.

After waving to the crowd, with beaming smiles, the pair shared and an embrace and a demure kiss while surrounded on all sides by their family.

With cheers raining down, Will and Kate went in for a second, longer kiss. Aww.

Click to enlarge tons of gorgeous Royal Wedding photos below ...

Kate Middleton Wedding Dress Photo
Royal Newlyweds
William and Kate at the Wedding
Royal Wedding Pic
We're Getting Married!
The Father of the Bride
Prince William and Kate
Kate Middleton Wedding Dress
Prince Harry, Best Man
Queen Elizabeth at the Royal Wedding
Just Elegant
Kate Middleton Waves
The Day Before the Big Event
A Grand Exit
Looking Up to the Heavens
Royal Wedding: Kate and William Kiss!
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
Waving to the Crowd
William and Kate Marry
Two Princes
Nap Time
Royal Getaway
Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton
Royal Salute
Reading at the Wedding
Kate Middleton Wedding Dress Pic
The Royal Wedding Couple
Kate and William at the Wedding
William and Kate Wedding Portrait



its a beautiful wedding, but did the designer of Kate's dress just happen to scan Facebook and come-up with the design? She could have done more fabric and a few more sparkle. The onlookers when she got out of the car upon entering looked a little bit stunned of how plain her dress was. She waves at them and they waved back but no cheering unlike when William entered earlier...


It was a beautiful wedding. What a good change of pace from all the uglyness going on in the world today. Best of luck to you both.


Not a fan of silly things like princes, princesses, and other severely outdated traditions. It just seems really goofy and over the top to me for this modern age we live in. What I want to know is if Kate ever doesn't smile. She just seems a bit fake and robotic to me. The only expression I have ever seen on her face is a smile and it just doesn't seem human to me. Sorry for raining on a parade but that is my job.


I hope thier marriage is happier than Charles and Diana. I wish them nothing but the best :-)


Beautiful! I Never Seen Such A Wedding Before In My Life. ALL THE BEST FOR William & Kate


what a beautiful wedding from start to finish, we wish william & kate a lifetime of love & happiness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


wonderful photos of a wonderful couple on a wonderful day


God bless Prince Will and Kate, what a beautiful wedding...})¡({...


God, I love me some Princy Harry. He is such a cutie.

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