R.I.P. Kurt Cobain (Feb. 20, 1967-April 5, 1994)

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"It's better to burn out than to fade away."

These words were penned by Neil Young in his famous song, "Hey Hey, My My," but took on new meaning when Kurt Cobain quoted them in his suicide note.

Grunge rocker. Music pioneer. Rock God. Troubled individual. Kurt Cobain was all of those things and more, and his legend has only grown since his death.

Cobain died from a gunshot wound inflicted in what police ruled a suicide. He was not found dead on April 8, but died April 5, 1994 - 17 years ago today.

Controversy still swirls around his death and legacy, but this much is certain:

His music and lyrics reflected much inner turmoil, came along at a unique time for rock, and won over millions of fans, cementing his place in history.

Above is a tribute to Kurt Cobain to mark this sad occasion. Follow the jump for one of the Nirvana frontman's most memorable performances ...

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Angelic Devil, I agree with what you said about him not having shot himself. But again I try very hard to focus on the beautiful music he gave us and not dwell on how he died because either way it is painful. Oh and Randyjacksonsbutt, I'm not from Jersey. :)


Dear Randyjacksonsbutt, Let me start off by saying I will try my best to be mature about this. I believe I said to disrespect the dead, not just clearly talk about the dead. Feel free to refer to my post from earlier for clarification. There are many musicians who are deceased, whose music I do not paricularly like but I will never be caught dead- excuse the pun, speaking badly of them and/or disrespecting them. It's just rude and immature. And yes you are entitled to your opinion but there are some instances when some things cross the line and offend others. I was particularly offended by your post, but again, you can say what you want and I can't control that. Peace and happiness to you, truly. I don't mean to start a fight, I am just defending a musician I very much enjoy. :)


Dear Haterssuck, It was hard for me to make out what you were trying to say being that every other word that you used was the "f" word. Are you from Jersey? Please explain to me how it is so rude to talk about the dead? Isn't that what students in history classes do every single day? Just sayin. PS - I gave my opinion and I'm sorry you look up to these druggy celebrities so much. That's what is sad.


You're right randy we do differ opinions. I am not usually that harsh but you didnt know kurt personally and therefore had no idea what was going on in his head. Yes he was a drug addict but sadly, that seems to be a pattern in the music idustry. He still made great music. I personally don't believe kurt shot himself, have you ever seen the gun that was used? Pretty big to be able to hold and aim at yourself.


If you don't fucking like Kurt Cobain, keep your shit to yourself. It's fucking rude to disrespect the dead. I don't give a fuck if you don't like him, that's just fucking rude as can be. Be mature. And like I said before, if you don't like him you can leave it at that, don't be an immature jerkoff disrespecting the dead.


Dear Angelic Devil: Why am I an ignorant twit for stating the facts? And how on earth is a song titled "I Hate Myself and Want to Die" considered musical inspiration? You must have a soft spot for loser junkies. Unfortunately, I do not and that's where we just disagree.


Why does this article call Kurt Cobain Rock God? This man was not a Rock God or a diva or anything else of that nature. I don't think he even viewed himself as a celebrity. He was an addict and a very sensitive musician who tried to kick his drug/heroin addiction for some time. Unfortunately like most heroin addicts he failed. He paid for it with his life, and we, his fans lost one of the most important musicians of the last 30 years. I was 15 when Kurt Cobain died. I didn't cry, or was angry (I knew about his drug addiction from the press) but I did feel very sad (it was a long-lasting sadness that I never felt before). I think it was an awarness that a voice of my generation was gone forever. RIP Kurt. Your music will live on.


@randyjacksonsbutt - firstly, your dumb name says it all. Secondly, you're an ignorant twit. I wont waste my time pointing out all the things wrong with your comment so i'll just leave it at that. R.i.p. Kurt cobain, musical inspiration


Kurt Cobain was severely overrated and if he didn't die young he would have already been forgotten. PS - Why is this man celebrated? The idiot shot himself although he had a little baby daughter and a career people could only dream of.
A lot of people claim he suffered from depression and simply couldn't take the pain any longer. Well, that's bullshit. He was a junkie who had no self control and was too selfish to think about the others he affected before he took his own life. PSS - Pearl Jam is, in my opinion, the greatest alternative rock band from the 90's.


r.i.p Kurt Cobain.....