R.I.P. Kurt Cobain (Feb. 20, 1967-April 5, 1994)

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"It's better to burn out than to fade away."

These words were penned by Neil Young in his famous song, "Hey Hey, My My," but took on new meaning when Kurt Cobain quoted them in his suicide note.

Grunge rocker. Music pioneer. Rock God. Troubled individual. Kurt Cobain was all of those things and more, and his legend has only grown since his death.

Cobain died from a gunshot wound inflicted in what police ruled a suicide. He was not found dead on April 8, but died April 5, 1994 - 17 years ago today.

Controversy still swirls around his death and legacy, but this much is certain:

His music and lyrics reflected much inner turmoil, came along at a unique time for rock, and won over millions of fans, cementing his place in history.

Above is a tribute to Kurt Cobain to mark this sad occasion. Follow the jump for one of the Nirvana frontman's most memorable performances ...

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RIP Kurt Cobain the best alternative rock player.


We should be sad because he's gone, we should be happy because he was here


Unfortunately, we miss a not just a great musician, but a great man who was dedicated and have dreams. Rest in peace, if you want to come to earth sometime, come as you are.


@boxofflours. Okay chill..im entitled to an opinion as his fan, i know he didnt know me obviously...alot of ppl seem to agree anyway. Agree with everything said by alex, hatersuck, dlc pak. X


hey ang. dev. check out the documentary made about kurt cobain so you can add some fuel to your conpiracy fire for yourself. and if he did or dint shoot himself what do you care. i didnt know the guy but im positive he doesnt give a shit about your personal opinions just like i wont be cryin myself tosleep if someone i dont know or would never want to know talked shit about me ...


i saw the nirvana accoustic concert on mtv back in the day. it was amazing, the flowers that decorated the stage set an omnious tone. white lilies are for funerals, i read somewhere k.cobain reguested them.


Thanks Alexandria and Pak31: well said man and very much appreciated by this devoted fan. :)


Hatersuck and angelic devil I completly agree with guys!!!! @ hatersuckk Anyone that can read wud understand everything u just said even if every other word was fuck. Some ignorant motherfuckers need that kind of treatment anyways!!!!!!!!


@RANDYJACKSON Just cuz he had an addiction HE WASN'T A LOSER!!!!! And to a lot of people he was an ICON!!!! Espeicially to HE'S devoted FANS!!!!!!!! Its fine if u were not a fan of his, but do u really have to disrepect him like that!!!!! I've dealt with Family and friends with drug addictions it is a very VERY HARD HABIT TO KICK!!!!!! SO RANDYJACKSON whatever What do u KNO??????? U didn't kno kurt personally!!!!!! U don't kno what he was really goin THREW!!!!!!!


I will admit I was never a fan of his music. Grunge rock was not my thing. That being said, the guy was born the same year I was so when he died it was freaky, it hits home. I felt the worst for his daughter. The few pictures that I have seen of them together he seemed like an extremely proud father. So even though he had a drug problem, he was also human. I wish people never got or get addicted to drugs but it's something in our society that will always be around. If we went into the closets of some of the most well liked or celebrated people, I am sure there are some skeletons there. Everyone makes mistakes and at least he tried to be a good dad. So to write someone off just because they have serious issues isn't a good thing.