Reflections on Erections: Courteney Cox Offers Way TMI on David Arquette (AUDIO)

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Courteney Cox said in an interview yesterday that one of the reasons her marriage to David Arquette broke down was the actor's obsession with sex.

Hey, at least he was obsessed with having sex with her.

Cox told Howard Stern how Arquette got wood ALL the time, even in some really inopportune situations, such as when she was upset and needed consoling.

Really. Here's part of the interview where she said this:


This is just embarrassing for both of them, I really don't think he would want her to share this very personal information!


Courtney had done so well by being silent after her separation from David. Over the years, Courtney has been confronted by countless tabloid headlines,but she quietly lived her life with few interviews while going on to the Next level of acting and producing after the mega success of Friends. The idea that Courtney would choose to go along with estranged spouse David and reveal such an intimate
aspect of their marriage to Howard Stern's audience takes away some of the mystique that she has long held as a celebrity!!


Well maybe that's what you get when you marry a younger guy. And THG had a good point (haha no pun intended) that at least he wanted her! LOL

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