Rebecca Black, "Friday" to Get the Glee Treatment!

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In the music world, being covered by Glee is a sign that you've made it and a true honor. Unless you're Dave Grohl or Kings of Leon, but that's another story.

The Fox hit's latest adaptation may be a major shark-jumper, though.

Rebecca Black’s “Friday,” which just surpassed 100 million views on YouTube due to the fact that it's the worst song ever, is getting the Glee treatment.

The song will appear an upcoming episode that centers around prom, and will either be sung by Kevin McHale, Chord Overstreet and Mark Salling, or by Salling and returning guest star Jonathan Groff, reprising his role as Jesse St. James.

Seriously, this is happening.

What do you think? A fun move by a fun show, or, as one critic put it, is a Glee cover of Rebecca Black like a herpes version of chlamydia? Sound off below.

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Are u kidding mee??? Rebecca black doesnt deserve to be glee-d the only reason she has so many hits is because people saw it and hated it so they showed their friends and then those friends showed friends. Glee are you ready to lose some fans? If you are then please continue with this terrible move of putting the WORST song ever on glee. I warn u you are going to lose like a billion glee fans no joke


OMG....seriously, you have GOT to be freaking kidding?!?!? This noo-talent little girl wanna-be gets her song sung on Glee? The episode must be about total failures, then?? Is Glee this hard up for songs to cover? I agree - more show tunes!!!


I might be conveniently busy during that part of the episode...
Bad move, Glee. Bad freakin' move... Although, Kevin McHale just might make the song likable...


Oh and I can't wait for Jonathan Groff!! I loved him and I still do!!


They should sing it on the next episode for neglected singers. It would make sense for the Friday song.. Lol


WOW REALLY!?!?!? Why are we praising this 13 year old whom can't sing and why are we praising this idiotic song!?!? Holy smokes America get a grip!


This will be THE worst thing Glee will ever do. Never will i listen to this song, I've never heard this song and I don't plan on it, even if Glee sings it.


Definitely the worst song ever! Glee would be crazy having anything to do with that song! They should stick to writing their own!


Even better question, WHY should Rebecca Black be even relevant? Glee, I love you but please take my note: NEED MORE SHOWTUNES!!!!!!! (I am totally lobbying for Lea Michele to belt out Next To Normal)


OMG! Please no!!!! I love Glee and I will never watch it again if this happens.