President Obama on Birth Certificate Controversy: I Was There!

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President Obama sat down for a talk with Oprah Winfrey yesterday (it will air on her show Monday) and discussed the controversy over his birthplace.

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    lolz sorry about the delay. he was busy planning the death of the biggest terrorist in the world. amongst other things...


    In 2005,actor/comedian Chris Rock wrote,directed and starred in a movie called "Head of State." In the film Chris Rock is "elected" The First Black President, and I have absolutely No problem announcing that it is a movie that did Not emphasize color as much as it announced the qualifications of the man who became president!


    I don't know about you, but when does it take 3 days to START a birth certificate when you're born in a hospital!? Oh that's right, when you come back from kenya 3 days later and walk in to get one!!


    Dear JIM!!
    U better shut up!! U can't even write INDONESIA - that's the way u should write!!
    Go to school!!


    Who lives in Hawaii? His birth certificate was printed in the Hawaiin newspaper, so he's American, it's just that he few up in another country. People do that all the time, it's nothing new. But Donald Trump running for president, now, that doesn't need to happen, he's a Real Estate mogul, not a presidential candidate. The Donald's just a joke! He's like all the rest of the presidential candidates, empty promises! When we get off the birther train and get back to things that really, then maybe I'll start to take things a bit more serious, myself.


    Get a serious life Jim! You have nothing better to do but sit around and talk about the presidents birth certificate. What a joke! It seems as though you, as well as others cant stand the fact that our president is an African American man. You will do whatever's in your power to discredit him! Like it or not he is the president of the united states and he is doing an great job! Americans like you give our country a bad name and reputation! Get a life!


    Leave it to President Obama to call it as he see it!!
    Since Trump is the 1 that kept fires flaming about The President,
    and his Doubting Donald attitude about the President as a citizen of the United States.
    I will say it!!
    Donald Trump was born in the year 1946,which was the "Year of the Dog."
    So when President Obama used the term "Carnival Barkers" I wonder who he might have been referring to. PEACE!!


    I just saw a pic of Pres. Obama's Birth cert. online allegedly saying he was valid to be president. The only problem is that he was named Barry at birth not Barak and only changed his name when he mom re-married his muslim dad in Indonisia therefore his Birth cert. appears inaccurate. It also states his race as African. I don't think they used that term when he was born. Maybe we need to look at some of the other BC's from the same hospital.

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