Presenting: The Worst Rapper Alive

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You know what, we blame Rebecca Black and Al Gore.

Thanks to the Internet and certain teen singers who become legit famous in spite of (or because of) a total lack of talent, everyone thinks their "music" should be shared with the universe. That said, we present the worst rapper ever.

Seriously, "Yo Moficky" is the worst. You can't top this.

Yet we watch, and laugh, and write about it ...

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plz tell me this is a joke! what makes talentless kids famous? the ability to make something sound way beyond bad?


omg im speechless... thats baaaaad


I couldn't even finish watching it. Didn't even get past 10 seconds of it. I'm embarassed for the kid.... :/


Wow! Damn that's terrible!!!!


can i say ywwwwwwwwww ??