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I have to say that the American Idol supporters who voted are completely retarded to vote for the Italian Frog. I was in tears to hear, along with most i hope, that Pia was voted off! This is complete non-sense and something should be done. Jennifer Lopez is a very talented and beautiful singer and she LOVED Pia! She should give her auditions to make a record. She;s got the money, and the power... If anyone deserves a deal right off the bat....it should be Pia - not the Po-Dunk Scotty McQueery! This is just completely garbage... I hope like hell that Stefano Langone gets voted off next round and good ole karma bites his ass!

Please America, Wake UP! Listen! Vote for the TALENT not for who you like to get in bed with!

Guess we turn to GOD to wake the morons up or prey that their phone end up broken or disconnected!


You are pathetic.


Too bad she got booted tonight.. :(

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