Pia Toscano is a Murderer on American Idol

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Pia Toscano murdered Tina Turner's classic "River Deep, Mountain High" on American Idol last night. That's meant as praise by Steven Tyler - she rocked!

"Murderer! Murderer! You killed it!" Steven says.

Not to be confused with butchering it, which would imply a poor effort, Pia Toscano absolutely killed. Her inspiration for taking a page out of Tina's book?

"I want to shock everybody," she says, "'cause I've been doing the whole ballad thing."

Safe to say she succeeded in the best way with a powerful, self-assured, uptempo rendition. It was just a winning performance from a pro all around:

"I'm going to keep pushing you," J-Lo said, saying she still must continue to do better. "You are spectacular, but just keeping studying, keep researching."

If that's the worst criticism lobbed at you, you're doing awfully well.






I agree Michael Henry. Now for the not voting will never really the truth on the votes. But what I can tell you I did vote many times for pia and some time i got nothing on the line not even a dial tone, so my votes weren't going through. And another thing I can tell you I won't be voting any more. Now for using the save unbelievible it should never had happen not when it determines the final 10. With the judges using it thay had to make it a final 11. Next year it will a final 12 and so on..... Simon help we need you back s.o.s. Pia you will be Big! Love you hang in there.


Something's gone terribly wrong. Please bring her back. Pia is the IDOL!!! She's the most talented and gifted contestant Idol has ever had. I will never watch Idol again if Pia is not brought back. The judges used the save way too early for Casey. He is OK, but not great. Pia is magnificent!!!


I can't believe Pia is gone. She should have won this competition. On the other hand she will be remembered even more for this!!


Boo hoo...Pia is gone. Lets all pick ourselves up and move on with our lives. Personally I'm glad she's off the show. I'm not a fan of Pia but I wont deny she has talent. She didn't need a show like American Idol. All these people freaking out bc Pia is gone need to stop. Its rediculous and it makes you sound stupid. I'm looking at you person who wrote in all caps and loves Scotty McCreery and is blaming and not forgiving America. It's just a show. I do agree with the 1 vote thing that should be placed and I also agree that the judges should play a more pivotal role other than choosing the talent and throwing out comments...anyways Pia is gone and I'm glad...dry your eyes people and find something worth while to start petitions about. Seriously.


Nigel---executive producer has to realize there is a flaw in his voting process---1) they used the save way to early 2) the judges should have fifty percent of the vote 3)they need Simon--not all of these singers are beautiful and great. 4)your format just blew the show!! Pia was the best performer since Carrie and I am not sure she isn"t better. American Idol just lost a great portion of viewers. Nigel, if you were half as good as you think you are, "shit" like this would not happen---this early!!! Where"s Simon when you need him!!!


For those of you that don't understand the voting process, let me inform you. The voting, the show, the talent, the ANYTHING are designed to get you to call in. The calls and texts are being counted, like in a redio contest (caller # 65 or whatever) and a formula is applied to the amount of calls (or votes in this case) then a price can be calculated about how much cost per thousand people, can be charged by the show for ADVERTISEMENT!!!! The whole show, the singing, judges, contestants, votes everything are designed to measure and provide info about the price that can be charget to advertisers to reach a specific demographic croud with a commercial. And that the truth Ruth!


to "Anna"
how would you know if I voted or not? I actually voted along with my husband. What we didnt do was sit there and hang up and redial and vote again for two hours after the show. The system is wrong. Is it about talent or how many times you can vote? Pia is #1 For me the show has lost its integrity! I'm not watching...you do what you want!


It is a travesty that Pia was voted off. It definitely is partially the judges fault because they basically gave her a hard time each week--not like Casey and Paul who they keep building up and building up. True talent like Pia doesn't come around very often and it's been missing on American Idol for a few years now. Unfortunately, the American public is very influenced by other people's feedback so I'm sure that the judges' comments had a big influence on the votes. I thought this possibly would be a "come back" year for AI especially with the two new judges; however, it this proves that it is not. My wife and I and many of our friends and family have already commited to not watching the series any longer. Reality shows are not really reality--we know that! CONCLUSION: Pia was voted off and so were many, many viewers. So long American Idol!! Pia--you will have the last laugh (or song I should say) and will be the only one on the talent map after the show has ended!!

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