Pia Toscano is a Murderer on American Idol

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Pia Toscano murdered Tina Turner's classic "River Deep, Mountain High" on American Idol last night. That's meant as praise by Steven Tyler - she rocked!

"Murderer! Murderer! You killed it!" Steven says.

Not to be confused with butchering it, which would imply a poor effort, Pia Toscano absolutely killed. Her inspiration for taking a page out of Tina's book?

"I want to shock everybody," she says, "'cause I've been doing the whole ballad thing."

Safe to say she succeeded in the best way with a powerful, self-assured, uptempo rendition. It was just a winning performance from a pro all around:

"I'm going to keep pushing you," J-Lo said, saying she still must continue to do better. "You are spectacular, but just keeping studying, keep researching."

If that's the worst criticism lobbed at you, you're doing awfully well.


American Idol was lucky to have Pia, the Judges shoudn't have saved Casey, Pia is still wonderful.


There's no denying Pia's voice but I think she was a little further in her "professional singing career" than most. You have to appear vulnerable, and not once did she do that. You have to appear sincere, not once did she do that. She looked every inch a star even before the 12 started so maybe people took a dislike to that.
In the UK X Factor over here we have had our share of awful decisions. The judges get the bottom 2 to sing-off and keep one in, often not based on their ability to sing, but because the controversy sells more newspapers. Simon Cowell will do that also in the USA.
I am also one who believes the save was far too early and was wasted on Casey. Can we see more than one finalist still there who would deserve it more. His reaction to the save was embarassing to watch.
Pia will earn millions as "the girl who got ripped off on Idol", no problems there, but we can't go bringing people back because people won't see the sense in voting anymore.


Pia was the girl i watched the show for, the only one i watched the show for. I was devastated when she went off. I'm not watching the show till Pia comes back to compete in the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


the judges are unprofessional. didnt they say she kept on doing ballads too many times and had been serving nothing new at all?? her elimination was expected. in fact, stefano showed more passion with that winning song - when a man loves a woman. i agree, pia is boring.


pia has no distinctive voice. if she goes on the radio, it's hard to immediately identify her, as she sounds too close to celine dion. technically, yes she has amazing voice control but lacks soul. haley, casey, paul are unique. plus they have bigger personalities as opposed to pia who is stiff as a cardboard. BORING.


I truly believe that the voting process is screwed up. When i tried to vote for Pia, I kept getting a busy signal. And American Idol does push their favorites up. Why did they have those little girls run up on the stage to hug Scotty????? Pia was and still is the best. She should be the next American Idol, but then again maybe this was the best for her because how many American Idols winners have really made it all that big? One thing is for sure, I won't be watching American Idol again. She was the only reason why I watched the show this season. I agree that the save was used way too early. Keep your head up Pia! You got this!


Lisa, Lissette, I'm in, X factor yes I like it Simon take Pia and run with her.
I miss her already,she is awsome American idol was lucky to have her.


I was shocked because I voted for her every week and so did my friend. American Idol's system is screwed up because they count like the 90th vote in every 100th vote. Everybody should be only given one vote because I caught my little sis voting like 200x for Stefano becuz he's "hot." It's the little gals that vote the most and that's why all the guys are still her. The judges shouldn't have saved Casey becuz he had no chance of becoming the American Idol unlike Pia who had a small chance. I thought she wouldn't win but still get into the Top 5. And there's Haley smirking in the corner, bitch.


I think Pia should compete on X Factor....hmmmm


Yes Lissette let's all not watch American Idol so they can bring Pia back !!!!

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