Obama Chimp Email, Photo Spark Outcry, Calls For California Republican's Resignation

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A California Republican who e-mailed a racist "family photo" of President Barack Obama superimposed as a chimpanzee is now facing widespread criticism.

State Assembly member Marilyn Davenport, who later apologized, says she received and forwarded the Obama email because she "thought it was funny."

Not the word a lot of people are using to describe it.

Here's the image the GOP official emailed out to dozens of friends and fellow Republicans, featuring Obama as a baby chimpanzee with its parents ...

Obama Chimp Photo

The moron who forwarded this has apologized in two statements.

"To my fellow Americans and to everyone else who has seen this e-mail I forwarded and was offended by my action, I humbly apologize and ask for your forgiveness of my unwise behavior," the 74-year-old Davenport wrote.

"At the time I forwarded the e-mail, I didn't stop to think about the historic implications and other examples of how this could be offensive."

"I would never do anything to intentionally harm or berate others regardless of ethnicity. Everyone who knows me knows that to be true."

Ostensibly, this was part of a joke tying into the ongoing Obama birth certificate controversy. But this is taking it pretty far over the line.

Despite the apologies, Davenport, who in 2009 defended a former mayor in California for sending a similarly racist e-mail about Obama, claims to have received threats since her "Internet joke" gained national attention.

She's also been slammed with calls for her to step down.

"When we send communications to our fellow elected officials it is a public action that reflects on the sender, the recipient, and this committee," GOP chairman Scott Baugh, who called the racist e-mail "despicable," said Monday.

Rev. Al Sharpton said that Davenport needed to "go immediately."

What do you think? Harmless? Offensive? REALLY offensive?


she has the freedom of expression to create that image, just as i have the same freedom to call her a dumb cunt.


It's a JOKE. Protected by the 1st amendment. Freedom is tough, get a friggin' helmet. PC idiots can go screw themselves.


WOW Jane I didn't vote for him but I think you are taking this way too far! Calling all Blacks good for nothing? Damn I am not "Black" but that was offensive in so many ways. Really? So you would say that Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, and Martin Luther King good for nothing huh? Well, I think you need to read up on your history and get some EDUCATION under your belt cuz you sound like the most racist ignorant being on this earth.


ALL I CAN SAY IS, " MAN HE'S A BLUE-GUM ONE"!!!!!..hahahahahahahah!!!!!


Yeah, and none of you fucking low-life limousine liberals ever insulted the holder of the office when he was a republican? I never heard a peep out of you scumbags about Bush (all of them), Reagan, Cheney, Quayle, Rumsfeld, Weinberger, North, etc. Your president (if he is even one legally) is getting much more respect from you and the "institutions" in whose asses your sticking it into like the media, than real presidents ever received.


To Jne, If you want to look at Africa, start looking at the White Eupopeans that overtook South Africa for the natural resources. Not ALL blacks are into drugs, sex and the rest of the garbage you are talking about. Check out some THE top Philanthropists and entrepenaurs; THEY are black. Bank president, CEO of major companies. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT. The media magnifys the bad and eliminate the good. I have worked in the prison system and I have seen the whites in the jails. I have also seen the rich whites who are into sex drugs, etc escorted out of the courts without even going into a cell.
WHY WON;T THEY TEACH ABOUT BLACK HISTORY IN SCHOOLS??? They should, Interracial marriages and births rates are at an all time high. Just look at the sales ads in newspapers; bi-racial children. You probably have some in your family.


I think that this emai it is a disgrace and anyone who finds it ok, is moronic. It is racist because for decades ni**as, monkey and the african american were synonamous. If you didnt vote for President Obama, and dont particularly care for him; at least RESPECT the office. Freedom of speech has gone too far. When the constitution was created, it was never to uphold such ridiculous actions. Never were you allowd in the past to openly insult the President or the government without being accused of be a traitor to America. The only difference how the blacks are being treated now, in contrast to the 30's-60's is that Dogs, hoses and nightsticks are not being used. Notice that I didnt mention "Lynching?" That's because it is still being done.


People may not like him but this picture IS a racist attack and NOT a caricature. I'm a digital caricaturist and here is a really good example of my work - and it's not racist: http://img293.imageshack.us/im... That monkey picture was very poorly made - in ALL respects.


what in the world are you people going on about freedom of speech. that's a completely different thing from being openly racist and insulting. this photo has nothing to do with the former, and everything to do with the latter. it takes either a mean person or someone with really bad taste to come up with this stuff. whether she should step down or not, i don't know. but it's definitely not clever, and it's super embarrassing.


its called freedom of speech & expression. We might as well call ourselfs Land of Free As Long As Its Doesnt Hurt Anybodys Feelings. Its sad to see our freedom rapidly disappearing & nobody seems to care.

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