Nicolas Cage Arrested For Abusing Wife, Taunts Cops, Sprung By Dog the Bounty Hunter

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Nicolas Cage was arrested early this morning in New Orleans for domestic abuse against his wife, Alice, along with one count of disturbing the peace.

In town filming a movie called Medallion, Nic and Alice disagreed over the exact address of an apartment they were renting in the city, police report.

Standing in front of a property he believed they were renting, he grabbed her by the arm to pull her to what he believed was the correct address.

Nicolas Cage Mug Shot

Police say there were no visible signs of injury on her arm, but just the same, he joined our celebrity mug shot gallery with this hilarious pic.

The NOPD went on to say Cage then began to hit parked cars and later attempted to get into a taxi. Cops say Cage eventually got into a cab.

A police officer ordered him out ... which "prompted Cage to start yelling" and basically daring cops to arrest him ... which always goes well.

It only got wilder from there.

The police came and told Nic and his wife to just go home, however, that's when the actor allegedly told cops, "Why don't you just arrest me?"

The cops then reiterated that he and his wife should just go home. Cage then repeated his dare to cops, who ultimately decided to oblige.

He was charged with domestic abuse and disturbing the peace.

Later, it was revealed that Alice is reportedly not a complaining witness and doesn't want him charged, saying there was no physical contact.

Nic was then released on bond ... thanks to Duane "Dog" Chapman! Dog and his wife Beth arrived at the scene and sprung him for $11K!

Beth posted on her Twitter, "My guy just walked out of the jail damn new Orleans 8 hours holy cow that's a lot of time to Process one guy."

More details to come as this ridiculous story develops ...


Yeah Nicolas Cage must be more careful next time he loses his temper, because like my family always told me "The person who loses his/her temper is the one who loses."


Nick must have really been bagged. Not the first celebrity to run afoul of the law and won't be the last. However, the charges sound rather harsh for the incident. But, hey, not everyone has a friend like Dog the Bounty Hunter to bail them out. This is in fact a rather, for a change, interesting story.


ha me t ell dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i think nicholas cage has to no that as an actor with big rep the police will do any thing to make him pay some extral tax to the country,so he has to be more carefull and dicent always. exspecially in the public places


Ha! My mom will love this!


Actor or not, it's NEVER okay to physically rough-house a mate (or anyone else for that matter). And it's not okay to taunt the police either. Clearly he was under the influence of something. However, had he not been an actor, we wouldn't be hearing about it....


then so be it Cage and it was it! lol lol lolz


The police asked him to just go home several times, and he asked to be arrested several times. I'm on the cops side! The gave him several chanses to go home, but he wanted to be arrested so badly! So be it! You must be drunk if you don't even know your own renting property!


Oh good lord!! The "cops" need to leave everyone alone that IS NOT hurting anyone or themselves!! So what!! He said "I dare you!" Is this 5th grade?!? They have to take the dare or they are "CHICKEN"?!? Give me a break!! Yes, the stars have enough money to "play" ALOT..drugs or whatever they want to spend it on!! They MADE the money!! Now he's got to spend his hard earned money for a jail visit, when after all of it, his wife said he didnt do anything in the first place!? Isnt THAT a "false report"?? I bet nothing will be said about that!!


I used to like Nicolas Cage but since a friend of mind was trying to talk to him. He was thanking him for his great films. And Nicolas was very rude to him . I understand your privacy, you can at least treat people like human beings. We are the ones who make these actors rich. A simple thankyou would of been sufficiant. Now I here this doesn't surprise me

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