Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth: Back Together?!?

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Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth... take 27?

A couple days after the singer told an Australian newspaper that she has a boyfriend, sources have identified that love interest as none other than Liam Hemsworth, the actor who has been off and on with Miley for years.

"They've been hanging out a lot," a friend of Liam's tells E! News. "They've been trying to do it away from the cameras."

A Happy Pair

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus are allegedly running it back. Again.

Hemsworth will be reportedly accompany Cyrus to his native land, as she stops by Australia during her Gypsy Heart tour on June 21.

So, can we count on another long run for Miam? An insider simply says the two are "taking it slow and just enjoying each other's company." Naked company, that is!


Poor Liam! I hope the guy knows what his letting himself in for! Was once not enough! The girl is bad news!


ITS none of ur business that she is having sex before marriage!i really agree wiz my heart!get into ur own life guyz!!!


@Blaize, if you are a Christian which Miley has said she is, it IS wrong to have premarital sex, but then again who am l to judge? Just Saying...


@notyourfan, l kinda agreed loooong back with you about the underwear model guy but not because of his profession just because of his age, most people didnt mind though and they said he was a nice guy but eish, it just really weirded me out, 21 and 16 was a little tooo much for me.
But now Miley is dating a really nice guy (if this is true) I think Liam is awesome and yes he myt help to save her but Miley is really good at saving herself.
@everyone else... of course they have had sex, a looong time ago, thats pretty obvious isn't it? And its cool. Their life, their decisions!!


i remember miley use to date an "underwear model" and that is when she was 16 years old back then..................hahahaha what a loser you are.......but now your 18.and this is stupid to me.......okay okay.maybe im getting mean..........................................thats leaving. P.S. "an underwear model".


You might as well go back, maybe he'll help you before you self distruct like the rest who have no real life.


I believe that recent blunders on her part, and her parents trying to repair their marriage will have more of a calming effect on Miley. At 18, there is still room for her to learn and grow. She is No longer expected to have the Hannah Montana image,but being Miley
is the image she may be ready to be more comfortable with. PEACE!!


You guys, chill. Miley Cyrus was 14 when she said that she wouldn't have sex until she was married. She's 18 and independent now, so she has probably changed her mind since then and that's ok. It's not wrong to have sex and she has the right to choose.


i agree eith hilton hater


miley have said in an interview that she had never had sex and wouldnt until she married so. I really wanna know if thats true or not though :p

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