Michael Jackson Autopsy Photos Admitted as Evidence in Dr. Conrad Murray Trial

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The involuntary manslaughter trial of Michael Jackson’s personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, will include haunting, starkly different depictions of MJ's final days.

In addition to rehearsal footage for his This Is It tour, prosecutors will show autopsy photos of the singer's lifeless body on a coroner’s gurney, a judge ruled.

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Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor cleared prosecutors to present the footage and autopsy photos in a lengthy hearing that set up evidentiary boundaries.

One of the Michael Jackson autopsy photos shows Jackson's naked body, but the judge explained "certain parts" will be "blocked out." He didn't explain which.

The judge ruled that the photos are relevant under the evidence code and are "not gruesome, graphic or inflammatory." However, he did rule out other material.

Specifically, Pastor barred both sides from delving deep into personal details. He wants the focus on the medical care, not MJ's personal life - or Murray's.

Jurors, Pastor said, will NOT hear about Murray being a player, his out-of-wedlock kids or penchant for strip clubs, all of which prosecutors hoped to discuss.

Nor, he said, will they hear evidence that the defense had sought to introduce concerning Michael Jackson’s debt, pending lawsuits and erratic behavior.


@Jason, believe none of what you hear and half of what you see and you will do fine!!!!! You have to ask yourself, can you really see Michael ever being amused at the demise of anyone? There are certain personality traits that each person simply has or does not have and THAT my friend is not one of them. It amazes me that people will fall into crap like this when someone posts it. This is why I hate conspiracy theorists cause they will try to pull crap like this to get the attention of other vulnerable people. Ironically, the same thing he is accusing Michael of. If anything, he was probably a staff member that Michael fired.


I think Conrad have some very SERIOUS problems if he puts children in the mix of this court trial!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU CONRAD!!!! You're not a good liar!!!!! My little 3 year old little neice could lie and say she didnt take a cookie better than you!!!!! How dumb is you to think that US MEANING FANS would believe that rubbish!!!! What kind of creature are you!?!?! You really need to just come out with the truth?? Oh yeah I forgot you're not a REAL MAN!!! Jackson family, I love you and this case is now in God's hands.. He'll say if Conrad is guilty or not which we all know he is though no doubt about it!! God bless you Jacksons and my prayers are with you always and forever. Michael is always looking down on us all!!!! LOVE YOU MICHAEL!!!! I WANNA BE JUST LIKE YOU!!!!!!! A inspiration!!!! LOVE YOU ALOT!!!!!!! :)


if only wt was goin on abt him now, those behind his death wil hv 2 pay somehow, it dont have to be thru the law i swear


klein was suppose to be a good friend to michael but said this after he passed away.looks like to me that the only true friend that michael had was elizabeth taylor.upon her death she requested to be buried near michael,now thats a great friend..


I'm very sure Dr. Murray did not intened to kill MJ, so is the DA, hence the involuntary manslaughter charge as opposed to murder. But that does not really matter. He broke his oath as a physician and the law when he provided a known addict with drugs and provided him with propofol which has no medical use outside of an OR. Murray was in it for the money and was not looking out for or treating his "patient" MJ as a responsible physician should or would. He allowed himself to be a highly paid drug dealer. No matter what shit his lawyer throws at the wall in hopes something will stick, it still comes down to Murray illegally prescribing that medication. He could have done the right thing and refused to give propofol to MJ. He could have stood his moral and legal ground and simply said no, that he could not do that. He made a choice to take money over his morals, ethics, oath as a physician and the law. He knew better and he needs to face the consequences of his greed.


wtf do 'out of wedlock' kids have to do with ANYTHING??? just throw his dumb ass in jail already!

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