Melania Trump Defends Donald Trump "Birther" Criticism; Loves Michelle Obama Fashion

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Melania Trump wants to make a couple of things clear:

She won't say if he's decided to run yet, but that she "will support him no matter what he decides" and says he's not alone in his "birther" suspicion.

Donald and Melania Trump Picture

"Well I think it's not only my husband that wants to see the birth certificate. I think it's a lot of people who voted for him and who didn't vote for President Obama."

Melania, a native of Slovenia, says people are just frustrated.

"They ask where it is and why he doesn't show it. Does he have it? Where is it? Why not show it? What's the big deal? I'd show [mine]. What's the problem?"

Hawaii state officials swear that they have inspected Obama's original document and a Certificate of Live Birth was released during the 2008 campaign.

Trump has been called out by George Stephanopoulos, Bill O'Reilly and many others for beating what some think is a dead horse, but he persists.

Just today, he called in to Fox News to say "I think I've made my decision" on running and he vowed to continue to talk about Obama's citizenship.

"So, the media really latched on to it. They really like that talk," Melania said. "But he's also for bringing jobs back and the economy and taking care of people that are working so hard and to bring this country back to where it once was."

Melania says the prospect of being First Lady and living in the White House is "something that's exciting but we never know what will happen."

She lavished her possible predecessor with praise for her style, too.

Michelle Obama, she says, would look great in her 'Melania' jewelry line:

"Yes, she has fabulous style. Very nice style! She would look great in my jewelry," she said. "Anybody, no matter who you are, the First Lady, your mom at home with a child, your a businesswoman. You can wear my jewelry."



Indeed Slovenia is a very typical European and capitalist country now and could not be more capitalist then it is right now! (For those who need some more insight into Slovenia)


Well. Slovenia used to be part of a Socialist Republic at one time. I doubt that someone like Melania Trump would be a very political person. The thing is, I'm not convinced that she's a very wholesome character, unlike Michelle Obama. Agreed, it would also be a little strange for Donald Trump to introduce a foreigner as First Lady, since he's been so vocal about certain related issues lately.


Isn't Melania a communist from Slovenia? Isn't Melania the term for bloody stools? Can a geography major or medico help me out?


@busbus & May: touche! The Donald just might be digging his own grave with his birther comments. I think a lot of people would be uncomfortable having this Slovenian girl in the White House.


@Dorothy James: Thanks for acknowledging my comment,and you are correct.
I have absolutely No problem with calling Mr. Obama- Mr. President,
or President Obama, and you are absolutely correct about another opinion, he "earned" the respected titles. PEACE!!


Regarding Leo's comment addressing President Obama as Mr. Obama--please address him as President Obama. After all, he earned that title. Just deal with it!


I am so tired of hearing Donald Trump, hearing about Donald Trump and seeing Donald Trump in all forms of the media. As an American citizen, he does have the right of free speech; however, what he has to say is redundant spin, talking points and rhetoric. For me, it has become boring. Mr. Trump can run for the presidency if he so chooses. That's the beauty of our democracy. Listening to him, aside from the birther issue, he sounds like he wants to lead as an autocratic leader. Everything he says begins with, "I." He is ignoring Congress. He'll go to China and TELL China... He'll go to the Middle East and just TAKE the oil. Wow! I guess he can also walk on water. Lastly, I don't think that I would feel comfortable with a first lady who is not a natural born citizen of the United States. I would have a problem with someone who is a native of Slovenia representing the United States of America.


@ Free Britney, Thanks for the "get this look" photos. Trump's outrageous over the counter flair for hair look with his child bride beaming by his side is just a glimpse of what we have to look forward to as the moneyed couple try to invade the The White House. The Obamas look more and more like an "wedded" couple compared to The Trumpsters.
Previous First Ladies have given the country tours of The White House. The Trumpsters will give us an inside look of Melania's 4 floors of wardrobe,mile high heels, and jewelry rooms. I am all for prosperity and abundance, but since when do we as working class citizens Need a High Society Couple like the Trumps who are trying to "invade" the White House with their high maintenance,
and superficial wealth. Talk about an extreme makeover!!


The idea of Trump's gold-digging trophy wife being the country's First Lady, after the classy, beautiful Michelle Obama, makes me want to howl. I that happens, I think I'll have to leave the country.


Obama should pay Donald Trump for this.

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