Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon Welcome Twins!

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Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon welcomed their baby son and daughter today - on their third anniversary no less! April 30 was quite the day for the family!

The legendary singer delivered the babies just after noon today in Los Angeles.

Carey's rep, Cindi Berger, said the baby girl came first, weighing 5 lbs., 3 oz., and was 18 inches; her brother was next, at 5 lbs. 6 oz., and was 19 inches.

Mariah and Nick Photo

As for the twins' birthday, Nick seemingly called it.

"I'm not trying to be psychic, but we renew our vows every year so ... It's probably going to be in the hospital this year. I can feel it," he said Thursday.

"The minister's coming. This gown won't be a wedding gown, but a hospital gown."

Carey's rep tells People "she's doing great" and that the whole family were listening to Carey's "We Belong Together" after the children were born.

Those two kids are gonna have some awesome lullabies growingup. Just saying.

Asked if the birth was planned for April 30, Berger said: "No, not even Mariah could plan that. But I spoke to both of them and they are overjoyed."

Which of the two had the butterflies before the big moment?

"Nick was very nervous and Mariah was completely calm."

"Mariah thought it was another soft labor and Nick was driving her to the hospital and she very calm and the music was blasting," she added.

"When they walked into the hospital, [Nick] was going the wrong way and they nurse redirected them to go the maternity ward."

"I said to her, 'that's right out of I Love Lucy,' and she laughed."

Long before the births, the couple made no secret of their desire to have children. Nor did they shy away from revealing pregnancy photos.

We're glad everyone is healthy and happy. Congratulations again!


mariah is a slutty b*tch who stopped being relevant when she left her top 40 sound for all the vocal gymnastics and that crap hip hop sound. her only fan is aguilerra, who is also a scary tranny mess.




Wow that is so great! God Bless you both and twins




Awww i know Mariah Carey is going to make a wonderful mother & as for her husband , a lovely father. Congratulations to you both ! (:


Congrats to mariah an nick on the birth of their twins i wos so excited when i seen that you had the twins iv been checking everyday for the past 3 weeks feels like you were pregnant for ever and also becouse my daughter eva rose wos born on the 30 of april it wos her 1st birthday yday its so nice that she now shares her birthday with the twins!!! Congrats agen al our luv 2 u n the twins xxx danielle and eva xxxxx


Congradulations you two im suprised you had twins but but look at it its a reason why so have fun begin parents.


Mariah is one scary ass beyotch. Those kids are gonna suffer with her primadonna ways, which amazes most since she is a second-rate Whitney Houston. Come back down to earth sista and maybe us 'commoners' will be able to relate to you. Just keepin it real.


Congrats Nick and Mariah! Sounds like everyone is happy and healthy. Parenthood can be tough but it is also wonderful, there is nothing like it. All the best to the new family!!!


CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You guys are the best - I wish you lots of happiness with you're twins - so so so happy for you - can't wait to see them....hugssssss & loViN.....kat

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