Mariah Carey Naked, Pregnant Tabloid Cover Take Two: Nick Cannon Joins In!

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Last week's Life & Style cover featuring Mariah Carey nude and pregnant was only the beginning. This week, Nick Cannon thought it'd be OK! to join in the fun!

It's interesting how under most circumstances, a cover like this would be risque and borderline unpublishable. But with a pregnancy involved, it's “artsy,” people!

MiMi tweets: “Check out Mariah & Nick’s cover issue of UK’s OK! Magazine with never before seen pics of the Mommy & Daddy to be!” Do so at your own risk:

Nick Cannon and Pregnant Mariah Carey

Mariah wishes that her babies would get off her bladder. Many readers may wish this image would get out of their brains ... or maybe not. You tell us below!

Naked Mariah Carey pregnancy / Nick Cannon fondling cover ...

[Photo: OK!]


Alright, the groping is too far. Even a Lamb has to point that out. :|


I do, personally, think the groping her breasts was a bit too much. It wouldn't have looked so bad if she had her arms covering them and his hands on her belly. It kinda looks porn-ish right now. Soo cute, can't wait to see the babies! When are they comIng?!


I think its awesome to show an actual married couple rather then porn stars...I embrace the movement!!


i think it would of been in better taste to have Mariah covering her own breasts while daddy hand his hands on her wallet...i mean belly!!!


I am all for love and happiness, but the cover photo should have been "reserved" for the inside,and a less revealing photo should have been on the cover. There is No mystery to the fact that Nick is holding Mariah's breast which make this cover too risque for supermarket shelves where young children are able to see such a grown up cover. Mariah happily expecting her first set of twins with husband Nick is a wonderful thing,but it sends the wrong message to young shoppers/ viewers seeing Mariah all but nude on the cover with Nick's hands groping her breasts in order to hide them!!


I think that Mariah and Nick look great together in this photo and they always let the world know how much in love they are!


virgolady: no one cares that there married or that he has touched her boobs before.point is, its on a damn magazine cover that sits right in the check outline at all grocery stores and such.everywhere that a kid can see it, and yes, kids look at them i see it is a horrible picture for a cover on a mag like this.


Wow, waaaay to far. And it's just not a nice picture. Modesty is natural & beautiful too.


This photo for cover of public magazine is so tacky.That is so embarrassing !
a young woman of loose morals !


It's a beautiful picture, but I think that one should be for the family album, not a magazine cover. This is her children's first modesty an she's already exposing them.

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