Mariah Carey Naked, Pregnant Tabloid Cover Take Two: Nick Cannon Joins In!

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Last week's Life & Style cover featuring Mariah Carey nude and pregnant was only the beginning. This week, Nick Cannon thought it'd be OK! to join in the fun!

It's interesting how under most circumstances, a cover like this would be risque and borderline unpublishable. But with a pregnancy involved, it's “artsy,” people!

MiMi tweets: “Check out Mariah & Nick’s cover issue of UK’s OK! Magazine with never before seen pics of the Mommy & Daddy to be!” Do so at your own risk:

Nick Cannon and Pregnant Mariah Carey

Mariah wishes that her babies would get off her bladder. Many readers may wish this image would get out of their brains ... or maybe not. You tell us below!

Naked Mariah Carey pregnancy / Nick Cannon fondling cover ...


[Photo: OK!]

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I'm not saying this to be mean. But Mariah/whoever's gonna read this I don't really care, this is a nasty picture. It is nasty to have someone ogling your boobs in private much less in Public! Don't you think?!?! You have changed into a bitch who doesn't give a fuck so right now I hate you. I love your music hellz yeah but this pic is just wrong girl. Plain Wrong!


She is done with pregnancy now so now she can bitch about something else because all she did was complain. She sounds like a sick animal in pain when she sings. I can not stand her and I do not care who doesn't agree with me.


Look you fake ass want to be savoirs you know dam well you are not worried about kids seeing this. What kid is going to spend their skateboard money on a magazine. Be for real stop hating. If she was married to a white dude you all would be saying " ooh so cute. SO STOP THE MADNESS AND GO BACK TO YOU HOODS AND ROBES.


Hmmm,i love dis,,,
cant wait to do it.


Hmmm... The boobs groping, i don't get. Would have been perfect but that boobs thing shouldn't be made for children, their children.


it was a beautiful picture; i dont think was groping, i think he was just trying to hold those jugs up and at the same time not show any nipple.


Yea thats a picture just for them...not the whole world to see...


ummmmm . this is not great for a magizine cover that everyone will see . but it is a great picture for the two of them to share . he is litterally groping her boobs . yea no !!! there kdis can sse tht it public . but whatever it aint me so they do what they do and if they feel this is great well then yea . whatever .


I think the photo was absolutely beautiful! i have to agree about it being a bit much for children to see but i think they meant well. she makes pregnancy look even more beautiful than it already is. i bet their babies will be just as gorgous as she is! it would have looked better if he held her belly but i would still be honored to have a photo that beautiful of my pregnancy!