Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth Cast in The Hunger Games

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Liam Hemsworth, best known for being in The Last Song and Miley Cyrus' pants, will now be seen in the wildly-anticipated film adaptation of The Hunger Games.

Hemsworth has been cast as Gale Hawthorne, the close companion / secret hunting partner of Katniss Everdeen, the lead character played by Jennifer Lawrence.

Think these two will make a formidable on-screen tandem?

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CASTING GAME: Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth will star alongside Jennifer Lawrence in the highly-anticipated film adaptation of The Hunger Games.

The casting news was confirmed by E! Online. Whether or not Liam and Miley are back together has not yet been independently verified, but stay tuned.

Meanwhile, coming off a critically-acclaimed role in The Kids Are Alright, up and comer Josh Hutcherson won the highly sought-after part of Peeta Mellark.

The role of Peeta, the brave baker's son who enters the games with Katniss, was rumored to be filled by others, included Alex Pettyfer and Hunter Parrish.

Didn't happen for them. Think Josh Hutcherson will be a good fit as Peeta? What about Liam as Gale? Sound off on these casting moves in the comments.


I'm only interested in their acting ability. But Hutch looks a little too young for Lawrence, and I thought Peeta was blond? Eh? Anyhow, I'll go see it. But their acting better not be half-assed. 5 bucks is a lot every time I go to see a movie.


I'm glad they chose someone sweet looking and stocky to play Peeta. Every time I see Hutcherson I can't help but smile. And honestly if you're not going to see the movie, why bother commenting to complain more anyway? Leave that to the real fans.


Alex Pettyfer should've been Peeta. Josh Hutcherson would make a good Gale but not Peeta. This is the worst decision ever.


To quote a good friend of mine, "I'm not watching it. Don't even take me to see it. I can not."

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