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Tsk tsk tsk...and I though they were really going to make it. I have followed this story from the beginning (being a blossoming gossip blogger) and I have to say I am disappointed. In a magazine just last week they were interviewed on how they knew they were going to make it. They looked so in love, but I suppose they should have waited a little while longer to see if it was really real. I wonder if they really go through with this, or if it's just a bridge under troubled waters. Either way, I'll be watching and waiting to get the whole scoop on this story.


Wow- they truly were the only couple on Teen Mom 2 that seemed to have a genuine love between them. Yes, they are young but as I have watched, they have battled a lot of tribulations that only helped them grow. I am sad that their new marriage has come to this. I truly wish them happiness & hope they both can find a way to work through whatever it is that has torn them apart. I just wonder what could be so tragic to both of them to feel a divorce is the only way out. Young, old or middle aged, when you make a life long commitment, through good times & bad, you must stick together. To many people do not take the time to devote exactly what it takes to be married, thus always taking the easy way out as in a divorce. How sad - another statistic.


Too young to be married. Too young to have children. Teenage girls (and I was one) see marriage as all hearts and roses. They don't see the long term. They are vastly unprepared for the reality of two people joining their lives together forever. It can be rough at times for even the most mature of adults, but it seems downright imossible for a still maturing teenager. They were way to young.

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