Lauren Alaina's "The Climb": Better Than Miley?

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Lauren Alaina selected Miley Cyrus' "The Climb" on American Idol because "it's about a young girl struggling to reach her dreams." Will Lauren reach hers?

The inspirational hit song's top notes are slightly outside the best part of this aspiring singer's range, but she does a commendable job of it live, overall.

The judges liked it and so, we're guessing, will voters. In fact, before she even got out there, Jimmy Iovine called her a "much better singer" than Miles.

Do you agree? Compare it with Miley Cyrus' version below and vote:

Who sings "The Climb" better?


Regardless of which one is better, it's too bad THE BACKUP SINGERS RUINED THIS SONG. But they seem to ruin every song this season.....
It's going great and then they start & drown out the talent.......


I agree Miley is better at singing this song, for the fact it has passion, hope, and strength. Lauren, got a nice voice, but her high notes on some songs just don't fit her style in singing. Also you really can't say that Miley don't have a great voice, she must be doing something right for Disney to pick her up and it's hard to get on Disney's side.I personall like the song and I'm 37yrs old, my daughter loves the song too. The song to me fits everyone from all walks of life. It is a struggle to get where we ALL want to go, which shows in how Miley sings it. Lauren get's all the props because so many on the idol show don't really like Miley as it is judging on the comments from when she came on the show as a guest. I don't think it depends on how you sing a song makes how others feel about it. Also the song was not listed on the music sections as Hananah Montana it was listed with Miley Cyrus music.


To be honest I thought miley sang it a lot better than her. Lauren has a great voice but when miley sang this song you can really feel the words, the emotions behind the song. So for me Miley all the way.


Lauren has a MUCH better voice! I absolutely LOVED her version. I actually got bored watching Miley's. Really rooting for Lauren to WIN!


To be honest, I think this girl off American Idol has a lovely voice, but it is not the right kind of voice for this song. Joe Mcelderry from England's X FACTOR, did a cover for this and everyone agrees Miley's version is better. The reasons for this are:
a)Originals always beat covers, whatever the song. Very rarely, can an artist recreate it in a way that is fresh and modern.
b) The croakyness and ache in Miley's voice matches this song so well, as it gives a rough, edgier feel to it, whereas Lauren's voice is too trained and smooth for the meaning of the song.
c)Replying to idolfan's comment about how you can't compare the two. It's true you can't, but on Miley's performance of it on Idol few years back, you could tell the song was made for her, as she put so much more energy and soul into it, and that comes out in the studio version too.


I'm appalled at everyone who is comparing Miley Cyrus and this girl. Miley Cyrus has sold more than twenty million albums to date and they were sold because she has talent; a great voice, and you're comparing her to this girl who barely even knows how to sing? She can't even hit the notes like Miley does in the original, please listen carefully to her AI performance again. For a girl in a competition like American Idol she's fine but comparing to Miley is unacceptable. I find it disrespectful. Be reasonable guys.


To truly pick the version that is best, you really can't judge a video which is professionally done against a live performance. The video from Miley is approximately 4 minutes and the live version by Lauren is only 1-1/2. If you are comparing, I would pull and look at the idol version that Miley did on American idol a few seasons ago which was live and compare to Lauren's version. That would be a better way to judge between the two. I love Miley's version of the song, but in this case judging this way I would say that Lauren's version is better.


Originals are always better. They contain the moment, the original experience. Covers lack this.


miley's better....who want to bet that the voting wont be accurate as half of the votes from lauren is by miley haters and half of the vote from miley is by miley fans

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