Lauren Alaina's "The Climb": Better Than Miley?

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Lauren Alaina selected Miley Cyrus' "The Climb" on American Idol because "it's about a young girl struggling to reach her dreams." Will Lauren reach hers?

The inspirational hit song's top notes are slightly outside the best part of this aspiring singer's range, but she does a commendable job of it live, overall.

The judges liked it and so, we're guessing, will voters. In fact, before she even got out there, Jimmy Iovine called her a "much better singer" than Miles.

Do you agree? Compare it with Miley Cyrus' version below and vote:

Who sings "The Climb" better?


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Seriously ? why need 2 ask..Miley is way better..What ever is her personal stuff leave it ..But art wise miley rocks than any other Gal and this stupid American idol performer who is trying 2 becum a star will becum miley or what ? And all who voted for d other gal is becus they are jealous of miley winning...So miley rocks ..Haters go 2 hell..


If anyone thinks Lauren is better, then I believe this music industry has certainly been corrupted. Miley Cyrus is an awesome performer, great songs are not meant to be sang nicely but rather performed amazingly. Miley Cyrus is a performer who at 16 years old did a fantastic job in capturing teh hearts of many music lovers. Lauren is just doing a nice rendition of the climb. Sure, Lauren sang well, but did she perofrmed greatly? Not yet at this moment. Whoever this music producer told Lauren she is better is only becuz he wanna make himself known more and be more famous as though he is the one bringing out fantastic artists. Well, screw him. Cuz the truth is that if you are really that awesome, you won't need that kind of 'better than Miley' statement for everyone to open their ears, the audience should immediately be captured by your performance, and not by comparison. I cannt believe american idol can be so low and unbecoming.


Honestly not cuz I am Miley"s like hugeeee fan but honestly --> I THINK MILEY IS SO MUCH BETTER...I love her voice..It"s some kinda different than everybody else"s voices..It may sound weird but it is...And this girl has a nice voice...but she can"t win this...It wouldn"t be fair...You are comparing her and MILEY CYRUS...hello??.. It"s obveious that Miley has a lot more talent..That"s why she sold more than twenty million albums..Ppl love her voice...And this song is beautiful..Nobody can sing it like Miley one...So OFC I VOTED FOR MILEY... luvv ya girl


omg!!!,obv Miley is better,this "Lauren" is a fat ugly bi*ch who cant even sing, for everybody who voted lauren its because you dont like miley and you know she sings it better!!! even in the live version she's a better singer than this F***ing idiotL-)!!!


Honestly, to be fair, you would have to post the live version of Miley singing the climb, not the studio recording, most people are going to sound lesser live than in a tweaked soundboard version. Miley sang this song on the Idol stage either last season or the season before and I personally think she butchered it. Same with the live recording that can be found on iTunes. I like Miley and her music but I think Lauren Alaina is the stronger singer by far. Not a fair match up, those two videos.


I think Lauren is better. Not just because I dont like Miley but because the way she sang it sounded better then Miley.


You People SUCK big ones!! Lauren is not suppose to sound exactly like Miley --she is to give an interpretation of the Climb from her on perspective! Did you see how Miley rocked her own style when she performed with Joan Jett yesterday? It's how you feel when you sing to make it sound the way you want....not like the actual artist. Miley rocks!


Miley is so much better....hands down!! Miley has the passion in her eyes and body when she sings the song!! true artist!


To truly compare the two, a video of Miley singing "The Climb" live should have been posted. In my opinion, Miley's voice is not pleasant at all, and when she sings live it sounds like she is struggling. Lauren's voice is much more natural and controlled...not too mention that is she is only 16 and has not had nearly as much experience as Miley singing live in front of thousands of people.


i thought they r comparing her to miley so she must be good but she aint half as good as miley!!! Miley's different voice gets the song to another level!! Lauren was good but not as good as miley!!

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