Lady Gaga Confronts Anti-Gay Protester, Reveals New Single Release Date

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A somewhat contentious exchange with an anti-gay protester. An announcement of her new single's release. Typical day in the life of Lady Gaga - caught on tape!

In the latest edition of Gagavision - her YouTube video diary - The Lady is seen arguing with a Christian fundamentalist protester outside of one of her shows.

The picketer, who was doling out “get out of hell free” cards, was a bigot with a big gut who seemed to get a kick out of cutting off Gaga mid-sentence:

Despite spending hours of time lurking around her concert, the dude tried to act all unimpressed by the fact that he was talking to Lady Freaking Gaga.

Trying to find common ground, rather than seem adversarial, Lady Gaga told the guy, “I’m listening. You know we really believe in God at my show.”

“Well, your pervert ways don’t quite equate to what God is all about,” he replied. Asked to clarify, he eloquently said he meant “the homo stuff.”

When Gaga tried to ask about his “hurtful” word choice, the guy did what any deep thinker would - cut her off before a conversation could begin.

“You know the black book, the gold edges, the little ribbon?” he asked.

Speaking of the Bible, sort of ... in less contentious matters, Gaga announced that April 19 is the release date of her upcoming single “Judas.”

We now present "Born This Way" as an antidote to the protester:


Yes! Lady Gaga is a Gay, she just operate his penis into vagina, and she just request for Boobs!!!


gaga im a fan but this song is a mess. beat is ok but message sucks. why love a religious traitor? i think u went off the mark on this one. sends wrong msg to young people. preach good things rather than loving what you know is wrong. wont support this song gaga.


God is love but GOD hates sin and being gay is a sin.some people have chosen to be gay which equals sin.GOD DID NOT create anyone one to b gay.they chose to be gay .dont b decieved by the devil planting ideas that they were born this way.i fear for thier souls.


@skydiver- i agree!


Real Christians don't judge. Real Christians practice kindness and acceptance. Real Christians would never behave this way. People like this protester sully all that Christians represent. To the protester and all his ilk: All of this is also in your Bible, loser. Read it a little instead repeating what your uncle dad told you when y'all shared your first beer.


I think its pathetic that after all these years people still think the bible is a true story... I would love it if the fantasy & magic did exist but cmon ppl- it as never meant to be taken literally.


Look, this guy is obviously a fanatic with a confused sense of self. What he said he obviously believes to be true, which is sad, not just for him but because somewhere along the way someone has steared him in the direction of hate instead of acceptance.


Gays are,like Lady Gaga says,born this way.It's not their choice.Why would God go against something created by Himself?


Urghh I hate these closeminded orthodox religious folks who try to force their religion on others.Thumbs up,Lady Gaga!


looove u gaga im gay and u are my queen


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