Kyle Richards: Leaving The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

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Last month, we reported that The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills would be back for a second season, with the whole cast returning for all the fun.

Might the second half of that statement have been premature?

Pandora and Lisa Vanderpump

Kyle Richards, a.k.a. the gorgeous, normal and happy one (relatively speaking) is now hinting at an early exit from the Bravo franchise, according to EW.

The sister of co-star Kim Richards and aunt to Paris and Nicky Hilton isn’t confirming a departure just yet, but isn't sure she'll be back on it either.

“The show has been picked up for a second season, but I’m not sure if I’m coming back yet,” she said, sending chills through the spines of fans.

While rumors about new cast members (Faye Resnick, Ayda Field) have been flying, Bravo is keeping mum on cast moves and possible additions.

“The only thing we’ve announced is that The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is coming back for a second season,” a rep for the network told EW.

Would Kyle’s potential absence make you less likely to watch? Is she your favorite, or do you tune in to watch the train wreck that is Camille?

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Kyle can't leave the show!!!! Please don;t leave the RHWOBH!!! It won't be the same without ou!


I really want Kyle Richards to leave as she is too bossy.
Camille should come back to the show. Also, Taylor should leave the show.. thanks, Bette


I really do hope Kyle Richards leaves. She is as horrible of a woman, as she is beautiful. I watched last year, and this year I am done. I really do not want to continue watching a woman show just how self-centered and mean-spirited a woman can become.


Kyle is the BOMB... if she leaves, I leave. I'm a MASSIVE fan of RHOBH and would be stunned, shocked, and PISSED if my girl left. If you don't get Kyle, you don't get her, but this whole rude talk of her and mischaracterization of her personality is unseemly, classless, and distasteful to say the LEAST.
She is as honest as she can stand to be, sometimes she gets carried away, but for the most part, she's cool, funny, fun, and a doting mom. Her relationship with her sister is obviously complicated, and how ppl judge her is SO BEYOOOOND hypocritical. Knowing damn well your relationships are just as riddled, if not more so, with calamities, and you at times are not always as honest as you truly wish you could be. So SHUT up and enjoy the fucking show. ;)


It would be a blessing for Vile Kyle not to return. It gets old watching a middle age woman who is obsessed with plastic surgery, her closet, costume jewelry and looking at her gargoyle man hands. Most importantly, the ridiculous mean school girl mentality drama. Good Riddence.


kyle made show toxic didnot expect that... wish her the best has she not filmed with them for season 2 would think they already filmed it some hmmmm did not see this coming her husband does well tho maybe not want invasion of privacy cool


This is nothing more than a publicity stunt for Kyle's EGO! She just wants to say "See they like me they really like me!!" Ummmm earth to Kyle no not all of us do and myself included would love to see you gone from RHBH! The only cute one in your family in Portia and I feel sorry for her having a mommy like you.


Kyle will be missed.The show will survive without her.We have all the other fake housewives to they have there cat fights... Adrienne I love your style!! And fashion.... Barbara


Something about Kyle's obsessive attention to her "image" reminds me of Joan Crawford. Especially in full makeup. She could play her. Kyle looks good but she's not naturally beautiful. She's had a major nose job (just watch her old Love Boat episode to see what she really looks like, thin lips included) so I don't think she's so "real". Watching her abuse her sister made her ugly to me. I think the show would survive without her.


I love Kyle...but I thought Camille handled herself beautifully considering what really happened to her...she was a bit too much until Kelsey showed his colors. What was she to do?? but she did it (and took the money) like a LADY!!!